December 2, 2019

A local charity is wrapping holiday gifts for local needy families. When 8 volunteers work together, they can get all of the gifts wrapped and distributed in 6 hours. How many hours would it have taken if there had been 12 volunteers, each working at the same rate?


Trent’s class wants to adopt a “family” from the local “angel tree.” The family they decide to adopt has asked for canned foods and a stuffed animal for their young daughter. If each student in the class each donates $5.00, they will have enough to buy 2 crates of canned food and will have exactly $1.00 left over. If each student brings in $8.00, they will have exactly enough to buy 3 crates of canned food and a stuffed animal that costs $11.50. How many students are in Trent’s class?


Greta and Marge are collecting money for a local charity by taking donations outside of busy local businesses. Hoping to collect the most money today, Greta gets to her collection spot and begins collections at 8am. Marge wanted to sleep in so she didn’t start collections at her spot until 11am, by which time Greta had already collected $45.00. If Greta continues to collect money at a rate of $15 per hour, Marge collects money at a rate of $20 per hour and they each take a 1 hour break at 2pm, at what time will Greta and Marge have collected the same amount of money?