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Current Subscribers: Click here to be taken to OPLET.

The MATHCOUNTS OPLET (Online Problem Library and Extraction Tool)

Through, MATHCOUNTS is offering the MATHCOUNTS OPLET-a database of 12,500 problems and over 5,000 step-by-step solutions, with the ability to create personalized worksheets, flash cards and Problems of the Day. After purchasing a 12-month subscription to this online resource, the user will have access to MATHCOUNTS School Handbook and MATHCOUNTS competition problems from more then 20 years and the ability to extract the problems and solutions in personalized formats. (Each format is presented in a pdf file to be printed.)

A 12-month subscription to the MATHCOUNTS OPLET can be purchased by visiting the online subscription page here. The cost of a subscription is $275; however, schools registering students in the MATHCOUNTS Competition Program will receive a $5 discount per registered student. Up to six teachers per school may share a subscription.

Imagine the time that can be saved preparing for club meetings, practice sessions or classroom teaching!

Once the subscription is purchased, the user can access the MATHCOUNTS OPLET each time he or she goes to and logs in. Once on the MATHCOUNTS OPLET page, the user can tailor the output to his or her needs by answering a few questions. These are some options that can be personalized:

  • Format of the output: Worksheet, Flash cards or Problems of the Day

  • Number of questions to include

  • Solutions: (whether to include or not for selected problems)

  • Math concept: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Counting and Probability, Number Theory, Other or Random Sampling

  • MATHCOUNTS usage: Problems without calculator usage (Sprint Round/Warm-Up), Problems with calculator usage (Target Round/Workout/Stretch), Team problems with calculator usage (Team Round), Quick problems without calculator usage (Countdown Round) or Random Sampling

  • Difficulty Level: Easy, Easy/Medium, Medium, Medium/Difficult, Difficult or Random Sampling

  • Year range from which problem was originally used in MATHCOUNTS materials: Problems are grouped in five-year blocks in the system. 

Once these criteria have been selected, the user either (1) can opt to have the computer select the problems at random from an appropriate pool of problems or (2) can select the problems from this appropriate pool of problems him/herself.


How does a person gain access to this incredible resource as soon as possible?

Once MATHCOUNTS processes your subscription payment for the MATHCOUNTS OPLET you will be emailed a USER ID with access to the MATHCOUNTS OPLET.

If you would like to get a sneak peek at this invaluable resource before making your purchase, click here to view screen shots of the MATHCOUNTS OPLET.  You will see the ease with which you can create countless materials for your Mathletes, club members and classroom students. Notice, too, that the final output includes: the selected problems, their answers, and their OPLET codes to facilitate selecting them again for future projects. Due to the nature of OPLET and its 12-month subscription; mid-year cancellations are not permitted.