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Every student can become a math person, no matter where they come from or how they feel about math right now.

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Some people have a visceral reaction just to seeing the word.

Many of us associate math with anxiety, failure and boredom. Maybe you did as a student. Maybe you still do.

And yet, math and the skills it helps us develop are incredibly important.

You can’t be an engineer if you can’t do math. Computer programmers don’t just code—they solve problems. And studies have shown what holds back many students from continuing with STEM isn’t a sudden lack of interest in robotics or medicine or technology... They drop STEM because struggling with challenging math shakes their confidence.

Wouldn’t it be great if students loved math?

If instead of boredom, they associated it with fun and friendship? If they felt sure enough of their own abilities to see struggles with math problems as interesting puzzles to be solved?

We improve attitudes about math and problem solving.


"I feared math because I was afraid of encountering problems I didn’t know how to solve…I was very insecure about my abilities and afraid of failure. MATHCOUNTS changed this way of thinking about problems…For me, math became less of an obstacle to overcome and more a process of discovery. I learned to enjoy a good challenge and value what I learned from it, as well as cherish the people I met through MATHCOUNTS."



"There’s an illusion in popular culture that all mathematics is done by geniuses who stew alone in their offices, making occasional marks on chalkboards until they are struck with inspiration. I was fortunate to have had this misconception dispelled early on, starting around middle school. Of course, middle school was when I began MATHCOUNTS…in MATHCOUNTS, I came to prize effort and determination. This was my first step in realizing that math ability is not necessarily something you are born with, but something you work for day after day."



"[In math class], I only learned how to memorize algorithms for solving a problem, then regurgitating that information on tests. It wasn't until I participated in MATHCOUNTS that I learned that math was so much more dynamic than simple memorization and repetition; it was a beautiful field of study that contained an endless supply of intricate and complex problems to solve."

At MATHCOUNTS, we want students to have fun with math in middle school.

Why middle school? Because it's a pivotal time of identity development. Building a love of math in grades 6-8 gives students the tools they need to persevere and reach their full potential in STEM. Our programs have the power to change students’ lives.

Join us as we change minds about math.


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