Your privacy is important to the MATHCOUNTS Foundation.

We are committed to protecting the information you entrust to us. If you have any questions or concerns about the MATHCOUNTS Foundation Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Your privacy is important to us. Click the buttons to the left for privacy policy information. If you have any questions or concerns about the MATHCOUNTS Foundation Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Donors' Privacy Policy

The MATHCOUNTS Foundation will not share or sell a donor's personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations unless the donor has given the MATHCOUNTS Foundation specific permission to do so.

Web Users' Privacy Policy

MATHCOUNTS does not sell, rent or exchange any information that personally identifies our online members or website visitors. MATHCOUNTS will only disclose personally-identifying information if such disclosure is appropriate to comply with law, or to protect the rights, property or safety of other visitors to the Website, program participants, the public or MATHCOUNTS. 

See the complete Web Users' Privacy Policy below.

Children's Privacy Policy

In accordance with the federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Under Section 5 of the FTC Regulation, MATHCOUNTS, as a non-profit entity, is permitted to collect personally identifying information from children under the age of thirteen without parental consent. All personal information is contained in a secure database and is never distributed to third-party entities and/or commercial sponsors of The Foundation and/or The National Competition.

MATHCOUNTS encourages all parents to register as online members so that they may also receive and monitor communications from MATHCOUNTS. Please review FTC Child Privacy Protection Guidelines. MATHCOUNTS advises parents of school-aged children to become familiar with the privacy policies for all sites visited by their children.

Web Users' Privacy

PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR PRIVACY POLICY has changed effective October 6, 2022.

This policy discloses our practices with respect to information collected through use of the MATHCOUNTS website (the "Website") and the Internet access services we provide to our members (the "Services"). This policy does not apply to data collected offline, for example, via the telephone or at live events.

Updating this Notice

We may update our use of cookies from time to time and consequently we may update this policy. We therefore recommend that you check this policy regularly. We will notify you of any significant changes by way of a notice on our website or by contacting you directly when reasonably possible.

What customer information does MATHCOUNTS collect?

MATHCOUNTS can only collect information that you provide via our online registration forms. The information is stored in a secure database, accessible only to MATHCOUNTS national staff members. In certain instances we may also share your personally identifiable information with our Competition Series Coordinators or third party vendors performing functions on our behalf (or on behalf of our affiliated companies) – e.g., vendors that process credit card orders, deliver our merchandise, administer our promotions, provide us marketing or promotional assistance, analyze our data, assist us with customer service, etc. Our coordinators and vendors agree to use this information, and we share information with them, only to carry out our requests. 

How does MATHCOUNTS use this information?

MATHCOUNTS uses the collected information to provide the Website and the Services, and to generate aggregated statistics about the use of the Website and the Services, as well as participation in the National Math Club, Math Video Challenge and MATHCOUNTS Competition Series. This information is also used to improve the usefulness of Website visits, and to provide you with the best online experience possible.

To whom does MATHCOUNTS disclose online user information?

MATHCOUNTS does not sell, rent or exchange any information that personally identifies our online members or website visitors. MATHCOUNTS will only disclose personally-identifying information if such disclosure is appropriate to comply with law, or to protect the rights, property or safety of other visitors to the Website, program participants, the public or MATHCOUNTS. Also, if MATHCOUNTS or substantially all of its assets were acquired by another organization, user information would likely be among the transferred assets. We also may disclose aggregated statistics on the use of the Website or Services to third parties, in a manner that does not reveal any personally-identifying information.

What does MATHCOUNTS do to protect customer information?

While no physical or electronic security system is impenetrable, MATHCOUNTS strives to maintain levels of privacy and security consistent with the best practices in information technology. All registration forms on the Website use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to provide you with the maximum level of security. SSL prohibits other parties from accessing your information. Financial Information collected via the Website is encrypted, and our databases are accessible only to MATHCOUNTS employees, whom are bound by the terms of their employment to maintain the confidentiality of the information.

What are web cookies?

Web cookies are small files that are placed on your computer or mobile device by a website when you visit it. They contain details of your browsing history on that website and distinguish you from other users. Cookies send data back to the originating website on each subsequent visit or allow another website to recognise the cookie. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise a user’s device and, for instance, remember your preferences and generally improve your online user experience. Like most websites, the MATHCOUNTS website use cookies.

Although this policy refers to the general term “cookie”, which is the main method used by the MATHCOUNTS website to store information, the browser’s local storage space is also used for the same purpose and we may use other tracking technologies through this website such as web beacons. As a result, the information included in this policy is likewise applicable to all such tracking technologies that we use. 

You can find out more about cookies at

Why do we use cookies?

  1. To let you do things on our website – for example, cookies enable you to find us using the Google maps tool embedded into our website.

  2. To improve your experience of our website – for example, to prevent you having to re-enter your user account details when you have already done so, or by ensuring that users can find what they are looking for easily.

  3. To analyze how individuals interact with us so we can improve our services – the information collected by cookies enables us to improve the website through usage figures and patterns. For example, it is really useful to see which pages of the MATHCOUNTS website are the most popular and how users are interacting with them.

  4. To ensure that our website is secure – for example, to make sure that personal information that you give to us does not fall into the wrong hands.

 The table below provides more information about the optional cookies we use and why.

Name of cookie Provider Purpose of the cookie Duration
visitor_id<accountid> Pardot/Salesforce The visitor cookie includes a unique visitor ID and the unique identifier for your account. For example, the cookie name visitor_id12345 stores the visitor ID 1010101010. The account identifier, 12345, makes sure that the visitor is tracked on the correct Pardot account. The visitor value is the visitor_id in your Pardot account. This cookie is set for visitors by the Pardot tracking code. 3650 days
pi_opt_in<accountid> Pardot/Salesforce If Tracking Opt-in preferences is enabled, the pi_opt_in cookie is set with a true or false value when the visitor opts in or out of tracking. If a visitor opts in, the value is set to true, and the visitor is cookied and tracked. If the visitor opts out or ignores the opt-in banner, the opt-in cookie value is set to false. The visitor cookie is disabled, and the visitor isn’t tracked. 3650 days
visitor_id<accountid>-hash Pardot/Salesforce The visitor hash cookie contains the account ID and stores a unique hash. For example, the cookie name visitor_id12345-hash stores the hash “855c3697d9979e78ac404c4ba2c66533”, and the account ID is 12345. This cookie is a security measure to make sure that a malicious user can’t fake a visitor and access corresponding prospect information. 3650 days
lpv<accountid> Pardot/Salesforce This LPV cookie is set to keep us from tracking multiple page views on a single asset over a 30-minute session. For example, if a visitor reloads a landing page several times over a 30-minute period, this cookie keeps each reload from being tracked as a page view. 30 minutes
pardot Pardot/Salesforce A session cookie named pardot is set in your browser while you’re logged in as a user or when a visitor accesses a form, landing page, or page with Pardot tracking code. The cookie denotes an active session and isn’t used for tracking. During active website session

MATHCOUNTS also uses some cookies which are strictly necessary in order for you to use our services available on our website.

How do I disable cookies?

By accepting optional cookies when you visit the MATHCOUNTS website you consent to our use of cookies as updated from time to time. In particular, you consent to cookies being stored on your computer and/or mobile device (unless rejected or disabled by your browser). 

Internet browsers normally accept cookies by default. However, most browsers let you turn off either all or third party cookies. What you are able to do depends on which browser you are using. If you do not accept our use of cookies as set out above, please click “No” in the opt-in popup or please set your browser to reject cookies. However, please be aware that this may impair or limit your ability to use our website. The option to do this is usually found in the options, settings or preferences menu of your browser or mobile device. 

[You may opt-out of Google’s analytics cookies by visiting Google’s opt-out page -]

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