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We are so happy you're considering leading a math club!

Learn a little more about the basics of the program and great free resources available to club leaders. Check out the 2023-2024 Club Guide for more details about what it means to lead Mathletes in the National Math Club.

Club Leader Guide
Wondering where to look to start your math club?

We've got you covered! The 2023-2024 Club Leader Guide has the information you need to find resources, get recognition and establish your club.

The Guide will contain:
  1. Suggested Calendar: Get activity suggestions (whether your club meets once a week or once a month) and recognition deadlines.
  2. Highlighted Resources: See 3 types of club activities, including what's new this year.
  3. Silver & Gold Info: See the FAQ and requirements to earn Silver Level and Gold Level recognition.
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Making the Most of Your Club Resources
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Math Games

Over 15 math games build problem solving and math skills, and can be scaled up or down in difficulty to be accessible to all students.

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Our 13 explorations go in depth with various math topics and give students the opportunity to collaborate on hands-on and interactive math activities.

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Problem Sets

Over 15 problem sets allow students to practice specific skills or just celebrate holidays with unique math problems that are fun to solve.

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Monthly Challenges

Five-problem sets each month to keep your students engaged year-round with new content.