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A national program that gives students in grades 6-8 the opportunity to engage with math in a non-competitive, social environment.
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National Math Club Activities in a Nutshell

The National Math Club is designed to be flexible so many types of groups can participate. We provide game instructions, math explorations and problem sets that can be enjoyed by students of all skill levels.

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Build problem solving and math skills, and can be scaled up or down in difficulty to be accessible to all students. These often do not even feel like math to the players, so they're a great way to reach students who think math is boring or intimidating.

Example: Salute is a fun 3-person card game...and also secretly algebra! Two players face each other and each draw a card without looking at it and place it on their own forehead. A third student, the referee, tells the players the sum or product of their 2 cards. The player who figures out their own card first wins the round.


Go in depth with various math topics and give students the opportunity to collaborate on hands-on and interactive math activities. These are great for students to build their number sense and math literacy in a way that is fun and unintimidating.

Example: A-maze-ing Fractions explores adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing by fractions. Students are given a maze that starts with the number 1. They navigate the maze by choosing paths with various operations (multiply by 1/2, divide by 1/8, etc.) with the goal of getting to the end of the maze with the greatest possible number.

Problem Sets

Target specific skills or are themed. These activities are a great way for students to practice specific skills or just to celebrate holidays with unique math problems that are fun to solve.

Example: For our Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sep. 19) problem set, students dress up in their favorite pirate gear and go on a treasure hunt around their school, solving pirate-themed problems like this... "The ratio of pirates to parrots on Captain Sharkface's ship is 3:2. There are 28 parrots on the ship. What is the total number of pirates and parrots combined on Sharkface's ship? Arrrr!"

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Thank you to the National Math Club Lead Sponsor!
Thank you for creating a club atmosphere where my students can enjoy playing together and improving their math skills. This was time very well-spent.
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A Typical Program Year
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Schools and non-school groups register in the fall and club leaders run fun, informal math club meetings using free resources provided by MATHCOUNTS, including a mailed kit of materials and dozens of online math games, explorations and problem sets.

All Year Long


Clubs that meet a minimum of 5 times during the program year can achieve Silver Level Status. Silver Level clubs can earn prizes and recognition for their math club students, including a pennant, pencils and certificates, plus entry into a $200 prize drawing (20 winners selected).

Prize Deadline: April 7, 2023

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Clubs that complete a creative, collaborative project can achieve Gold Level Status. Gold Level clubs can earn even more prizes, including a banner, pencils and certificates, plus entry into a $300 prize drawing (4 winners selected) and a Grand Prize drawing.

Prize Deadline: April 7, 2023

3 stars

The club leader and 4 students from the Grand Prize winning club receive an all-expenses-paid trip to attend the Raytheon Technologies MATHCOUNTS National Competition as honored guests. The club also receives $300 and all other Gold Level prizes.

May 14-15, 2023