Registered MATHCOUNTS coaches and club leaders receive free access to Brilliant for Educators!

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We've teamed up with Brilliant to support MATHCOUNTS educators!

Enrich your math team coaching, club meetings and classroom instruction with fun and challenging math problems and courses.

Which MATHCOUNTS educators are eligible?

We will periodically review the MATHCOUNTS participants in Brilliant for Educators against the Registered Competition Schools and Registered Math Clubs lists.

What if I signed up for Brilliant last year through MATHCOUNTS?

If you're registered for MATHCOUNTS this year, then you will still be able to access an existing Brilliant for Educators account for 2023-24! You can log in and simply remove or edit classes from last year or create new classes and add more students. 

Where can I learn more?

Refer to Brilliant for Educators' Program Guide and FAQ page to learn more about the program. Stay tuned for more information about an onboarding session to be offered later this fall!

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How to Sign Up
Go to Brilliant

Go to the Brilliant landing page
click the Apply for access
button to sign up.

Create a Free Account

Create a free Brilliant account
if you do not already have one.
If you do have a Brilliant
account, log in.

Complete Application

Put your school name in the Program Name field and select MATHCOUNTS in the question that asks how you heard about Brilliant for Educators.

Special thanks to Brilliant and our sponsors for making this partnership possible!

Multiple MATHCOUNTS alumni work at Brilliant, so they appreciate the value of MATHCOUNTS programs and understand how much of a difference an amazing coach or club leader can make.