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DD - Department of Defense, DC - District of Columbia, GU – Guam, PR - Puerto Rico, SS - State Department, VI - Virgin Islands
School name City State Coach # of Competitors
Fremont-Mills High School Tabor IA Sarah Victor 4
Northern Michigan School Mcbain MI Robert Meads 4
Saint Francis Of Assisi Catholic School Ann Arbor MI Chris Stankovic 12
Stout Middle School Dearborn MI Najat Bazzi 10
Atwater-Cosmos-Grove School Grove City MN Jillian Korpi 9
Breck School Minneapolis MN Michelle Bonderer 4
Fergus Falls Middle School Fergus Falls MN Miranda Steer 12
Prairie Wind Middle School Perham MN Brian Robertson 12
Ulen Hitterdal School Ulen MN Tammy Brooks 6
Saint Marys Sleepy Eye School Sleepy Eye MN Jennifer Fischer 8
Carolina Day School Asheville NC Tom Bendon 12
New Classical Academy Asheville NC Havoc Pennington 4
Finley Sharon Public School Finley ND Sarah Scheitel 4
Morton Magnet Middle School Omaha NE Robert Carmichael 5
Immanuel Lutheran School Columbus NE Justin Bailey 4
Hemingford High School Hemingford NE Bridget Johnston 12
Scotus Catholic Junior Senior High Sch Columbus NE Sam Rose 6
University High School Newark NJ Tracey Ferville 5
Becker Middle School Las Vegas NV Linda Dungee 4
Ralph L Cadwallader Middle School Las Vegas NV Anne Crumm 12
Nichols Middle School Buffalo NY Finn Goehrig 1
Ps 184 Shuang Wen School New York NY I-Ling Hsieh 12
A I Root Middle School Medina OH Nicole Gregory 10
Fort Frye Middle School Beverly OH Barbara Sleek 8
Powhatan Elementary School Powhatan Point OH Sheila Thomas 4
Tallmadge Middle School Tallmadge OH Shannon Moye 12
Fort Cobb-Broxton School Fort Cobb OK Rolando Torres 8
Mustang Middle School Mustang OK Hannah Naff 12
Summit Middle School Edmond OK Leslie Smith 1
Culver Middle School Culver OR Sunny Castleberry 10