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The National Math Club

The National Math Club is a national program that gives students the opportunity to engage in mathematics that is non-competitive, fun and different from "textbook math." Created in 2007, it is a completely free MATHCOUNTS program. Students can participate through their school or through a non-school group, such as a Girl Scout Troop, Boys and Girls Club Chapter or local math circle.

Educators who register for this program receive what we call a Club in a Binder, which includes 5 awesome math games. Each game includes an optional mini math lesson, works for clubs of all sizes and can be played with just everyday materials. Registered educators also receive online access to these games and can download the MATHCOUNTS Club App...all for free!

Register for free for the 2017-2018 National Math Club here.


The Program in a Nutshell

How Does It Work?

The National Math Club is designed to be very flexible so that different types of groups of all sizes can participate. The only restrictions placed on a group that wants to participate are:

  • the group must consist of at least 4 U.S. students,
  • the students in the group must be in sixth-, seventh- or eighth-grade, and
  • the group must have regular, in-person meetings.


A Typical Program Year

Groups register in the fall and club leaders play 5 fun math games with their club members during the year. As many students who are interested in the program can participate in a group's club meetings. MATHCOUNTS provides the Club in a Binder, as well as online access to games and the MATHCOUNTS Club App, to club leaders so that they have a variety of activities to choose from for each club meeting.

Clubs that meet a minimum of 5 times during the program year can achieve Silver Level Status, usually in February. If a club applies for and earns Silver Level Status by the deadline the group will earn a trophy, recognition certificates and entry into a $250 prize drawing (10 winners selected).

Clubs that complete a creative, collaborative project can achieve Gold Level Status, usually in March. If a club applies for and earns Gold Level Status by the deadline the group will earn a banner, trophy, entry into a $500 prize drawing (5 winners selected) and entry into the Grand Prize Drawing (1 winner selected). 

The club leader and students from the club that wins the Grand Prize Drawing attend the National Competition, which takes place in May. These 5 individuals get an all-expenses-paid trip to attend this event as honored guests. The club also receives $500.