Celebrating Our Stars
Mathletes enter the Written Competition on a red carpet while parents and staff cheer them on.


Picture this scene…

A red carpet, excited energy, trophies awaiting their recipients…while a photographer captures every superstar. While you might be visualizing the Oscars, another place offers this kind of star treatment: MATHCOUNTS.

This year at our National Competition, we literally rolled out the red carpet and celebrated some brilliant young people from around the country. Hollywood grabs our attention with glitz and glamour, but there are so many other places where talent abounds and contributes to our successful future—in science labs, in medical offices, in classrooms and beyond.

What would happen if we gave our stand-out STEM students just as much of our attention?

At MATHCOUNTS, we know what will happen. When we give young Mathletes the space to be recognized for their skills, that validation propels them into some of the most important careers in our society where they make life a little better for all of us. MATHCOUNTS programs go beyond increasing student problem solving skills…our programs show Mathletes that being a problem solver matters.

We hope you’ll join us in giving these math stars the attention they deserve and reading a bit about how we’re empowering them to change the world.

Lights, camera, action!

National Competition






The 2023 Raytheon Technologies MATHCOUNTS National Competition’s Hollywood-inspired theme gave the star treatment to top Mathletes from all 50 states, plus US territories and schools that serve the US departments of State and Defense.

On May 14, 224 Mathletes took a Written Competition that included both individual and team elements. The 12 top-scoring students advanced to the Countdown Round the next day.

After the Written Competition, Mathletes were treated to a private screening of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” in Disney Springs to further celebrate the event’s movie theme and highlight the math used in creative fields.

On May 15, Julie Montoya of Raytheon Intelligence & Space moderated an exciting Countdown Round…one that even included a match-up between siblings! In the end, Channing Yang answered the final question of the round in seven seconds, earning the title of National Champion.

After a ton of positive feedback from the 2022 MATHCOUNTS Party, we continued the tradition! Our Mathletes, coaches and guests had a blast dancing and playing games.

Watch Channing Yang's Winning Moment
Video file

Channing Yang became the 2023 Raytheon Technologies MATHCOUNTS National Champion by answering this problem in seven seconds:

“Erika cuts one pound of fudge into pieces to share with her friends. She divides the fudge into seven small pieces and three large pieces. If each large piece is three times as large as each small piece, how many pounds does one of the large pieces weigh?”


2023 National Champion: Channing Yang (TX)
Channing won the $20,000 Donald G. Weinert College Scholarship.

2022 Written Competition Champion: Oron Wang (NJ)

Countdown Round Runner-Up: Oron Wang (NJ)

Written Competition Runner-Up: Ashvin Sinha (FL)

Countdown Round Semifinalists:

  • Edward Chen (IN)
  • Ashvin Sinha (FL)

Countdown Round Quarterfinalists:

  • Varun Gadi (GA)
  • Selena Ge (MA)
  • Seabert Mao (CA)
  • Liam Reddy (NV)

Countdown Round Participants:

  • Adam Ge (MA)
  • Jason Lee (NC)
  • Alex Sun (TX)
  • Roger Zhen (TX)



First Place Team: Texas

  • Kevin Chen
  • Alex Sun
  • Channing Yang
  • Roger Zhen
  • Coach: Andrea Smith

Second Place Team: Florida

  • Eric Gao
  • Roger He
  • Ben Jiang
  • Ashvin Sinha
  • Coach: Pushpa Kurian

Third Place Team: Massachusetts

  • Nikhil Byrapuram
  • Christopher Cheng
  • Adam Ge
  • Selena Ge
  • Coach: Josh Frost


Three-Time National Competitors

Three-time national competitors participated in the 2021 National Competition online, then attended the 2022 and 2023 National Competition.

  • Edward Chen (IN)
  • Varun Gadi (GA)
  • Arnav Iyengar (DC)
  • Viet Lai (NE)
  • Meher Makhijani (VI)
  • Liam Reddy (NV)
  • Alex Ren (ME)
  • Xiling Tanner (AK)
  • Caden Yao (WV)
  • Anthony Zou (SC)
  • Joshua Liu (CO)

Two-Time National Competitors

  • Akshaj Arora (GA)
  • Jay Athipatla (NE)
  • Sanjiv Bachan (VI)
  • Shawn Badre (RI)
  • Ethan Cai (OK)
  • Kevin Chen (TX)
  • Luis Carlos Collazo (PR)
  • Maddy Carpiuc (MVC)
  • Eric Ding (MN)
  • Sami El-Hajjar (WI)
  • Sadie Enright (RI)
  • Adam Ge (MA)
  • Selena Ge (MA)
  • Justin Guo (TN)
  • Samuel Guo (GU)
  • Prabhas Gupta (IA)
  • Paul Harmon (MT)
  • Samuel Henderson (KY)
  • Quentin Hill (AZ)
  • Sohan Javeri (CT) 
  • Naitik Jhanwar (VI)
  • William Jin (SD)
  • Ian Jung (MS)
  • Ryan Karim (WV)
  • Aiden Kim (NM)
  • Mahi Kohli (KS)
  • Julian Kuang (NV)
  • Isaac Lukacs (MT)
  • Henry McGuire (WY)
  • Levi Mei (MS)
  • Sola Murakami (HI)
  • Brooke Peng (AK)
  • Christopher Sakaliyski (IL)
  • Cole Seelman (MVC)
  • Shaurya Sehgal (SD)
  • Miguel Shim (SC)
  • Evan Sun (NE)
  • Ethan Tang (KY)
  • Austin Wang (MN)
  • Justin Wang (AR)
  • Kyler Wang (MO)
  • William Wu (DC)
  • Evan Xia (VT)
  • Solon Xia (KS)
  • Jeremy Yang (MD)
  • Xiwen Yao (SS)
  • Alex Zhang (CO)
  • Kevin Zhang (AK)
  • Roger Zhen (TX)


Alumni Engagement
Community Coaching Scholarship

The Community Coaching Scholarship expands opportunities for local communities by giving college scholarships to MATHCOUNTS alumni who start MATHCOUNTS programs at schools with underrepresented or underserved students. 

Cohort member Grant Zhang holds a MATHCOUNTS trophy with the team he coached.


Building on the success of 2020-21, MATHCOUNTS expanded the initiative in 2022 with support from the US Department of Defense STEM and the PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc. Two alumni coaches received $3,000 scholarships, and a cohort of 14 community coaches attended moderated webinars, received free registration and resources for their schools, and earned plaques and recommendation letters. 

“As my love for both learning and teaching math has grown, I realize that I want to make a bigger impact and help other students have positive experiences with STEM."
Sonia Lackey, 2022 Community Coaching Scholarship recipient
2023 Community Coaching Scholarship Winners + Finalists


Coach at Jack London
Middle School (IL)

Amritha, a freshman, is a math tutor, 3M Young Scientist finalist and 2023 MATHCOUNTS National Competitor. She founded the "Math for All Abilities" club to help students of all skill levels and neurotypes explore math.

Adithya Puninchittaya

Coach at Kreiva
Academy (NH)

Adithya is a senior who formed a math club to introduce 5th and 6th grade students to competition math. He is also an eagle scout and ISEF finalist who has also run workshops with FIRST.


  • Arjun Agarwal (OR)
  • Peter Ahlin (MI)
  • Armaan Balani (NJ)
  • Ryan Cai (CA)
  • Nityant Chandupatla (OK)
  • Yejoon Ham (TN)
  • Samhitha Kovi (GA)
  • Revanth Raparla (TX)
  • Narayani Shankar (UT)
  • Rohan Suri (MO)
  • Eric Wang (AZ)
  • Katherine Zhou (MI)
Alumni Scholarship

Lauren Delwiche

Following a competitive process with 120 applicants, MATHCOUNTS awarded the 2023 Alumni Scholarship to Lauren Delwiche, a freshman at Yale studying electrical engineering. Each year, the $3000 award recognizes an impressive alumnus/a whose experience in MATHCOUNTS was influential. After participating in MATHCOUNTS, Lauren coached her own math team throughout high school and continues to coach at an underserved school near her campus.


Finnley Goss (MT), Raymond Jiang (OK), Leaf Kullgren (MD),
Alan Lee (CA), Arushi Mantri (OR), Daniel Martinez (PA), 
Justin Pan (AL), Anshul Rastogi (NH), Ashlee Steele (KY), 
Anna Teoh (OK), Varun Vasireddy (MO), Evan Wu (MD) and
Eric Yu (MA)

Headshot of Lauren Delwiche
“In the three years that I competed in MATHCOUNTS, I grew from a good student who could score well on a classroom test to a critical thinker who could reason out creative solutions to novel situations."
Lauren Delwiche, 2023 Alumni Scholarship recipient
More Ways We Engage With Alumni
  • MATHCOUNTS continued its monthly email to all MATHCOUNTS alumni, sharing opportunities from partners like internships, scholarships and more.
  • We partnered with alumnus Po-Shen Loh, a professor at Carnegie Mellon, who hosted Competition Series live solves with young MATHCOUNTS alumni (pictured at right).
  • 357 MATHCOUNTS alumni served as coaches or co-coaches this year.
A girl onscreen solves a math problem in a Live Solve while a chat appears on the screen.
Inspiring Future Engineers

In partnership with BAE Systems, the entire MATHCOUNTS community celebrated 2023 Engineers Week from February 20-24! A hands-on activity and four engineering-themed problem sets introduced students to the math concepts explored in aerospace, civil, mechanical, electrical and systems engineering. Over 4,000 people participated in EWeek, and 70 individuals and 15 groups won prize drawings.

An Example EWeek Problem

The triangles in the circled section of the bridge are all similar right isosceles triangles. Using the measurements provided here (in feed), how many feet of steel will be needed to construct this section alone?

Answer: 65.9 feet

A math figure of triangles in a bridge
Research + Outreach Partnerships


MATHCOUNTS monthly email header

Coaches, club leaders and advisors mentor MATHCOUNTS students and help them become incredible problem solvers. To support these dedicated program leaders, we created the MATHCOUNTS Monthly, an emailed resource with research-based strategies for recruiting, welcoming and supporting diverse students, plus content from partner organizations and educators.


Each year, as part of its Defense STEM Education Consortium membership, MATHCOUNTS selects an expert teacher to advance STEM education through service as a DoD STEM Ambassador. This year’s ambassador, Chantelle Normand from North Bay Haven Charter Academy Middle School in Florida, wrote practice problems for coaches and club leaders. Chantelle and three former ambassadors also shared their expertise in MATHCOUNTS Monthly emails throughout the year.



Another former ambassador, Gen Esmende from Wangenheim Middle School in California, partnered with local schools and the University of California San Diego CREATE to provide fun math events for San Diego students in December 2022 and May 2023.


For more than two decades, MATHCOUNTS has partnered with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), encouraging NSBE Jr. Chapters to register for our programs and providing extra practice materials for regional math competitions. In March, MATHCOUNTS staff hosted a Team and Countdown Round at the NSBE Annual Convention in Kansas City, MO.


MATHCOUNTS expanded its partnership with Brilliant, providing MATHCOUNTS-exclusive webinars and resources for coaches and club leaders through Brilliant for Educators. In addition, the 2023 national competitors each will receive a free Brilliant Premium subscription.


MATHCOUNTS continued its partnership with AoPS Lumen to provide practice and competition resources to give underserved grades 4-5 students an introduction to competition math. Almost 500 students participated in math events in January-May.

Competition Series
In-Person Fun at All Levels

Mathletes at all levels returned to in-person competitions this year in the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series. To support teams, MATHCOUNTS partnered with Art of Problem Solving to provide an online practice competition, which was used by over 3,500 students. In addition, new coaches and coaches at targeted underserved schools received weekly check-ins with guidance and access to extra practice materials.

Students smile and clap in an auditorium wearing MATHCOUNTS shirts.

BAE Systems sponsored the Northeast Region of the 2022-23 Competition Series, supporting content creation, program materials, national competitor participation, local and state events, and Title I subsidies for Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

This Year in Numbers
Graph Increasing

School registrations increased by 3.92% compared to 2021-2022

Students with backpacks icon

32,141 students participated in chapter competitions

School icon

1102 Title I schools serving over 17,000 students received free or discounted registration

Smiley Face

99% of coaches surveyed agreed MATHCOUNTS resources were of high quality

National Math Club
An Inclusive Path to Math




MATHCOUNTS again provided a non-competitive, social environment for students to explore math through the National Math Club. Thanks to support from Northrop Grumman Foundation, the program was offered completely for free.

A classroom of students hold up their National Math Club Gold Level certificates
Silver + Gold Recognition

The most active clubs earned recognition and prizes through Silver Level Status and Gold Level Status, and one lucky Gold Level Club, Normon S. Weir School in New Jersey, won the Grand Prize drawing to attend the National Competition in May!

To achieve Gold Level Status, clubs must complete a creative, collaborative math project. For 83 clubs, this included a Math Video Challenge project. Other clubs did community service projects, like Pride Academy Charter School in New Jersey, which hosted an equation tournament for their school. “The goal is that students will become excited about learning math and create a more positive culture around mathematics at Pride Academy,” the club members said.

This Year in Numbers
Students with backpacks icon

36,484 students participated

School icon

10,585 students participated in math clubs at over 600 Title I schools

Prize icon

$5,500 in prizes awarded to 370 Silver Level clubs and 170 Gold Level clubs

Smiley Face

96% of club leaders surveyed agreed the program helped them enhance their students' problem-solving skills

Math Video Challenge
A Creative Approach to Math





In the 2022-23 Math Video Challenge, sponsored by the US Department of Defense STEM, Mathletes created nearly 400 videos solving math problems in a real-world setting.

Teams worked on their projects throughout the year and submitted them for judging by a panel of volunteers. Top videos were recognized for their overall quality and 6 videos were recognized for excellence in costume design, animation, set design, editing, screenwriting and a “most memorable” category.

3 girls on stage in directors' chairs smile with microphones in their hands.
Program Task Force

Beginning in the spring, MATHCOUNTS program leaders turned their attention to 2023-24, creating a task force to reimagine the National Math Club and merge elements of the Math Video Challenge into the program to create a more enriching experience for even more students. In August, the relaunched National Math Club was announced, with changes reflecting feedback from club leaders and participants.

Watch the Winning Video

At the 2023 Math Video Challenge Finals, the national competitors in the Competition Series voted to award top honors to “Numbermore (For the Mathematically Gifted)” by Team Numbermore.

Team members Jason Adeyemi, Dylan Andrews, AJ Mays and Adrienne Prater, all from Georgia, each won a $1,000 scholarship for their impressive video.

A Look Back at the Math Video Challenge
Students with backpacks icon

Almost 16,000 students participated in total, including 1,649 in 2022-23

Video icon

4,038 videos created in total, including 428 in 2022-23

Icon with graduation cap and dollar sign

$48,000 in total awarded in scholarships to Math Video Challenge winners

Support + Financials
2022-2023 National Organization Donors

Title Sponsor of the MATHCOUNTS National Competition

    U.S. Department of Defense STEM

    Title Sponsor of the Math Video Challenge

      BAE Systems

      Lead Sponsor of the Northeast Region of the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series

      Northrop Grumman Foundation

      Lead Sponsor of the National Math Club

      National Sponsors

      National Society of Professional Engineers


      Texas Instruments Incorporated

      Art of Problem Solving

      Executive Sponsors

      Bentley Systems Incorporated

      Carina Initiatives, Inc.

      Sustaining Sponsors

      National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying

      CNA Insurance

      The PwC Charitable
      Foundation, Inc.

      Patron Sponsor


      Supporting Sponsors


      Mouser Electronics, Inc.

      Additional Sponsor

      Wiley Publishing, Inc.

      Founding Sponsors

      National Society of Professional Engineers

      National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

      CNA Insurance

      Thank You!

       Support from our sponsors makes MATHCOUNTS programs possible!

      Key Information for 2022-2023

      Click the buttons below to download PDFs of our most recent financials, plus lists of the people supporting the MATHCOUNTS mission, including our incredible donors and volunteer coordinators!