Thank you for celebrating EWeek 2023 with us!

While prize drawings are closed, you can still solve the problems below to learn more about engineering!

Congrats to the 2023 EWeek Drawing Winners!
Civil Engineering


  • Las Vegas Day School (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Algebra (Grosse Pointe, MI)
  • Prime Partners (Charlottesville, MI)


  • Evan Chang
  • Joseph Compton
  • David Johnson
  • Jacob Paukert
  • Maurice Pollock
  • Siyuan Ren
  • Aarit Dixit
  • Maeve Farrell
  • Nathaniel Platt
  • Julia Pereira
  • Kaitlyn Lieu
  • Ami Koyama
  • Fiona Liu
  • Elaine Zhang
Mechanical Engineering


  • Butler Intermediate Gifted 6th Graders (Butler, PA)
  • Math Sharks (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
  • PFU (Moraga, CA)



  • Aiden Zhang
  • Rose Kiser
  • Harry Hsu
  • Erika Small
  • Evan Shear
  • Freeman Spencer
  • Ahmet Demirkan
  • Sam loukas
  • Charles Bauer
  • Derrick
  • Teo K
  • Becky Dorminy
  • Pranav Tamilselvan
  • Navya Jha
Electrical Engineering


  • Jamesburg Math Club (Jamesburg, NJ)
  • Franklin Lakes Avenue Middle School (Franklin Lakes, NJ)
  • Evergreen School - Eryn's 7th Grade (Shoreline, WA)


  • Alex Wang
  • Aakansha Ganesh
  • Jonathan He
  • Caleb Antin
  • Anush Jajoo
  • Maddy Davy
  • Patrick Williams
  • Anirudh G
  • Aarush Kaushal
  • Sander Argabrite
  • Malleshwar Suresh
  • Yujia Xue
  • Ryan Wu
  • Anthony Togliatti
Systems Engineering


  • Evergreen School - Eryn's 6th Grade (Shoreline, WA)
  • Lufkin Road Middle School Mathletes (Apex, NC)
  • Catalina Cougars (Monterey, CA)


  • Tanish Mynampati
  • Lila S.
  • Amy Y
  • Curtis Wu
  • Haritha Rajan
  • Shruti Dusankar
  • Fawwaz Shaphy
  • Sarthak Das
  • Harry Antypas
  • Cailyn Fang
  • Eric A Martinez
  • Girish Prasad
  • Thomas Tran
  • Kathleen Marriner


  • Fruitport Middle School MathCounts Team (Fruitport, MI)
  • MVMS 6th Grade GATE (Tracy, CA)
  • GroupM (Hudson, NH)


  • Presley Pugh
  • Andres Garcia
  • Bella Wu
  • Peter Selthafner
  • Chloe Chen
  • Ever Sun
  • Jonathan Wu
  • Zachari Ye
  • Evelyn Lu
  • Chloe Bressler
  • Rujula Yeole
  • Henri van Rhee
  • Landon Smith
  • Donavan Warren

See the full list of participants who solved Engineers Week problems on our Future Engineers List!
Although drawings and recognition are closed, you can still solve the engineering problems below just for fun!
Prizes & Recognition

Future Engineers Recognition: Students or groups who submit answers will be listed as "Future Engineers" (link below). Students or groups who submit correct answers to all questions in a problem set will be listed as "Future Engineers with Honors." 

Prize Drawings: 1 correct answer = 1 drawing entry. 70 individual winners will receive $10 Amazon gift cards; 15 group winners will receive $50 MATHCOUNTS store gift cards.

Monday, February 20

On the Presidents Day holiday, in place of a Problem of the Day, we encourage you to try out our aerospace engineering activity! Instead of submitting answers here, post photos on social media with the hashtag #EWeek2023 and tag @MATHCOUNTS!


Tuesday, February 21

Civil engineering is all about "hard" infrastructure. Engineers in this field design and build things like tunnels, buildings, railways, roads and bridges. A Pennsylvania truss bridge is constructed using lots of triangles and a great deal of geometry!


Wednesday, February 22

From toys and powered wheelchairs to lawn mowers and rockets, mechanical engineers use gears and motors to make life safer and more convenient.

Thursday, February 23

From tiny microchips to the electricity that powers our homes and businesses, electrical engineers’ work makes our fast-paced, plugged-in lives possible. Electrical systems can be relatively simple or incredibly complicated, so electrical engineers use logic circuits to ensure everything performs as it should.

Friday, February 24

Systems engineers support and influence numerous fields of engineering and data science, exemplifying how collaborative engineering can be! For example, systems engineers work with software and security engineers to protect and authenticate data effectively.

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