CALLING ALL FUTURE ENGINEERS - Start earning prize drawing entries

To celebrate Engineers Week, we’ve teamed up with BAE Systems to post a new engineering-themed problem set or activity each weekday in place of our usual Problem of the Week. Anyone of any age can work individually or as a group to submit their answers on this webpage to earn recognition, certificates and prize drawing entries!

Monday, February 19

On the Presidents Day holiday, in place of a Problem of the Day, we encourage you to try out DiscoverE’s computer science activity on cyberattacks! By submitting the webform, you’ll earn 5 extra entries into the EWeek prize drawings (1 per drawing).


Tuesday, February 20

Hydraulic engineering, a subfield of civil engineering, centers around the transport and management of water resources. For example, hydraulic engineers design canals, and in doing so, must monitor the flow rate of the water to ensure control and cleanliness.


Wednesday, February 21

Software engineering protects user data, keeps business practices efficient and allows for accessible communication. Applications software engineers design things like games and internet browsers for users, while systems software engineers build full operating systems for user-facing applications.

Thursday, February 22

From tiny microchips to the electricity that powers our homes and businesses, electrical engineers make our fast-paced, plugged-in lives possible. Electrical grids crisscross the country to bring us electricity, and transformers play an important role in its transport.

Friday, February 23

Environmental engineers work to control water and air pollution, as well as its impact on public health, waste disposal and recycling. Environmental engineers at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) work to clean up some of the country’s most contaminated toxic waste sites, called Superfund sites. 

Monday, February 26

Packaging engineers design and test packaging materials for everything from pesticides to food, including the containers and cushioning used to ship items. With the rise of both online ordering and environmental awareness, packaging engineers have very important jobs.

Prizes & Recognition

Future Engineers Recognition: Students or groups who submit answers will be listed as "Future Engineers" and receive an emailed certificate from MATHCOUNTS. Students or groups who submit correct answers to all questions in a problem set will be listed as "Future Engineers with Honors." 

Prize Drawings: For each of the 5 problem sets, we will chose 2 groups to each win a $150 MATHCOUNTS gift card and 1 individual to win a $50 Amazon gift card (10 groups and 5 individuals total). Each correctly solved problem set will earn you one prize drawing entry. Participating in the Feb. 19 kickoff activity will earn you an extra ticket into each of the 5 drawings. And we're adding a new perk: if you submit answers for all 5 Problems of the Day, you'll get another ticket into each drawing! That means you can earn 3 tickets total for each prize drawing—one for answering that day's problems correctly, one for completing the Monday activity and one for submitting answers for all five problem sets.

Answers should be submitted by March 1 to guarantee qualification for prizes and recognition.

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