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Past Competitions

Each year MATHCOUNTS makes the previous year's competitions available for FREE on our website. These files are replaced as the current year's competitions are completed. Older MATHCOUNTS Competitions may be purchased through the MATHCOUNTS store.


2015-2016 School Competition:      


2015-2016 Chapter Competition:    


2015-2016 State Competition:    


Solutions to Previous Competitions

This archive of MATHCOUNTS competition solutions is provided to assist those who have purchased previous years’ Competition textbooks and who would like assistance in solving problems from those sets. MATHCOUNTS thanks long-time volunteer and reviewer, Mady Bauer, for her many years of writing these creative and thorough solutions to the Chapter and State Competitions. There certainly will be other solutions to many of the problems, however, if you are stumped on a problem, then Mady’s solution will be a great help in understanding at least one possible solution method for it!



2016 Chapter Solutions

2016 State Solutions

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2015 State Solutions

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2014 State Solutions

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2013 State Solutions

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2012 State Solutions

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2010 State Solutions

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