Steffanie Robertus

State: Montana

Alumni Years: 2004-2006

Participated In: MATHCOUNTS Competition Series

Current School: Montana State University

Why She's Awesome: After being the top scorer at her MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competition and a State Competitor in middle school, Steffanie continued to excel in STEM. As a high school student, she was a National Merit Scholar and Valedictorian of her class. In college she majored in Biotechnology and worked as a Laboratory Technician, as well as an Undergraduate Research Associate on two separate projects. She was a recipient of the Presidential Scholarship and a member of Phi Kappa Phi and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She plans to work in the medical field.


   One of the most memorable things I learned from my experience in MATHCOUNTS is that in order to succeed, one must accept the possibility of failure...In particular, my MATHCOUNTS coach helped me to overcome my fear of failure, encouraging and reminding [my teammates and me] that our identities did not hinge on our performance, and that the MATHCOUNTS contest would not define us. Instead we should do our best, enjoy the competition, and learn from the experience...My experience in MATHCOUNTS has greatly contributed to shaping the person I am today.