Submitted by michellelefrancois on Wed, 08/09/2023 - 15:09

The Transformation Game uses the Desmos online geometry tool to provide a fun and interactive way to explore translations, dilations, rotations and reflections in the coordinate plane. Mathletes can compete against each other or work collaboratively as they map the game board pre-image onto the final image in the least number of transformations.


You can download the rules for the Transformation Game here!

Click here to access Google Classroom compatible resources for this activity.


We have created ten different game boards (linked below), but feel free to create your own in Desmos or have Mathletes create ones to challenge each other! The video above gives a brief tutorial on how to use the Desmos geometry tool and perform the necessary transformations.

Game Board 1

Game Board 2

Game Board 3

Game Board 4

Game Board 5

Game Board 6

Game Board 7

Game Board 8

Game Board 9

Game Board 10

CCSS (Common Core State Standard)