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How Does the National Math Club Work?
  • Groups register in the fall and club leaders run math club meetings throughout the year.
  • Club leaders get online access to over 40 games, math explorations, problem sets and a suggested Club Leader Calendar to make planning easy.
  • Club leaders receive a free kit with a Club Leader Guide, pencils and playing cards for games.
  • Every MATHCOUNTS club activity works for groups of all sizes, with students of all ability levels and with simple materials like dice and paperclips.
  • Active clubs can earn additional recognition by going for Silver and Gold Level status.


What Resources Are Provided?


Engage your students in a little friendly competition! Each game requires problem solving and math skills to win. Each game:
  • Can be played and explained by anyone.
  • Includes an optional mini math lesson.
  • Works for clubs of all sizes.
  • Can be played with everyday materials like playing cards.
  • Can be made more or less challenging to meet the needs of many students.


Go in depth with various math topics! Have students collaborate on hands-on and nontraditional math activities.

Problem Sets

Target in on specific math skills through solving a set of related problems or try a themed set to celebrate a holiday.
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The Role of a Club Leader

Every good club leader should:

  • Schedule and run math club meetings for participating students.
  • Help motivate and support students.
  • Complete and submit the application for Silver Level status, if your club decides to go for this recognition.
  • Supervise the completion of the Gold Level Project and submit the application for Gold Level status, if your club decides to go for this recognition.

Club leaders do not need to:

  • Know how to explain every math concept perfectly. Club games are designed to be accessible for anyone, whether or not they have a math background.
  • Spend their own money to be effective. See resources above for why!
Making the Most of the National Math Club

Silver Level Status

  • Rewards clubs that meet at least 5 times during the program year.
  • Club leaders can apply online or download the PDF application (shown above) at the Club Dashboard.
  • Silver Level clubs that apply by the deadline receive a pennant, MATHCOUNTS pencils, student certificates and entry into a drawing for a $200 gift card (20 drawing winners selected).

Gold Level Status

  • Rewards Silver Level clubs that complete a Scavenger Hunt, Math Video Challenge or Service Project.
  • Club leaders can get instructions for completing the Gold Level Project at the Club Dashboard.
  • Gold Level clubs that apply by the deadline receive a banner, MATHCOUNTS pencils, student certificates, entry into a drawing for a $300 gift card (4 drawing winners selected) and entry into the Grand Prize Drawing for a $500 gift card and an all-expenses-paid trip for 4 students and the club leader to attend the 2019 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition in Orlando, FL (1 drawing winner selected).
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Learn More
If you'd like more information:
You can make your math club awesome using the free resources above, but if you are interested in purchasing additional materials or swag for your students, check out the MATHCOUNTS online store.
Contact us anytime at! We're happy to help with any questions you have about being a club leader, the National Math Club or resources available to you.