Steps to Register

1. School & Student Info

You'll use a search tool to find your school information and verify it is correct, and you may need to input some information manually.

What you need for this:

  • School type (public, private, etc.), address and phone number
  • Estimated total number of students and number of girls participating in team practices
  • Number of students (max. 15) representing your school at the Chapter Competition
  • You do not need to input individual student names at this time
  • For Title I schools: to confirm discount eligibility, know your school's Title I funding status (School Wide or Targeted) and/or percentage of students on free/reduced lunch, plus your principal's name and contact information.

2. Payment & Shipping Info

Payment can be done by credit card, purchase order or check. There is no limit on the number of students who can participate in team meetings; the registration fee is based on the number of students from your school who will go on to the Chapter Competition. Due to the online nature of the competitions this year and the pre-announced competition dates, no refund requests will be granted for 2020-2021.

What you need for this:

  • Credit card information or school purchase order number and email address to send purchase order invoice or email address to send check request invoice
  • The mailing address to ship the competition kit, if different from school address

3. Head Coach & Co-Coach Info

Registration can be done by the coach, co-coach or other school administrator or employee. If you are registering on behalf of the coach, you'll need to have some information ready to complete this process.

What you need for this:

  • Head coach first and last name, email address, alternate email address (optional) and phone number
  • If the head coach is a MATHCOUNTS alumnus/a, where and when they participated, if known
  • If registering a co-coach, this same information will be needed
What to Expect After Registering

Online Practice Resources

Upon registration, every competition coach receives access to online preparation resources through the Coach Dashboard at

Mailed Competition Kit

Within 2 weeks of registering, every registered school will be mailed a competition kit with a poster, ribbons, certificates, pencils and a hard copy of the School Handbook (the primary competition preparation resource). We'll email you a notification once your kit has been shipped.

Online Competitions

By October 1st, coaches will gain access to the AoPS Contest Platform. This is where students will access practice and official competitions. Every registered school receives access to the online practice competitions for the number of registered students (1-15), plus an additional 50 students from the school. Up to 15 registered students can participate in the Chapter Competition.