Original Handbook Problem: Given the points A(–2, 1) and B(3,4), what are the coordinates of point C in the fourth quadrant such that m<CAB = 90 degrees and AB = AC? Express your answer as an ordered pair. (2012-13 Problem #68)

Why the Soda Fountain Team got high scores in real-world application:

  • They create a real-world scenario from scratch for a geometry problem that does not include one originally.
  • The math in their real-world scenario is woven into the larger story, so the video flows well.

What else the judges liked:

  • Student-written humor throughout and timely, funny references to One Direction (1:47), Starbucks lattes (0:48 and 1:54) and Beyonce (3:16).
  • Over-the-top acting of the mom (for example, 0:05-0:19 and 0:35-0:53) and creative costumes.
  • Clearly explained solution with helpful animations (2:10) and correctly used math terminology.
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