Original Handbook Problem: Three Maryland educators will split equally $234 million from the Mega Million Lottery. Each will collect about $53 million after taxes. What percentage of tax will be paid by each of the winners if the taxes also are split equally among the winners? Express your answer to the nearest whole number. (2013-14 Problem #143)

Why Team GET’M got high scores in mathematical content:

  • Their solution is clear and straightforward (2:37), with typed up equations and numbers making it easy to follow their steps.
  • They include mathematical terminology in their solution, used correctly.
  • Their solution is well-paced and not rushed.

What else the judges liked:

  • Student-written humor and emotive acting throughout, like during the lottery numbers announcement (0:39), celebration (0:58) and day-dream sequence (4:06).
  • Rap song written and performed by the students (4:08) rather than professional music.
  • Small creative details like jumbo-sized lottery checks (1:07), over-the-top fake jewelry (4:19) and filming at a real-life shopping mall (4:08).
MVC Content Area
CCSS (Common Core State Standard)