Original Handbook Problem: At a certain middle school, the 6th-grade class of 390 increased by 10%, the 7th-grade class of 350 increased by 22% and the 8th-grade class of 420 increased by 20%. Overall, what was the percentage increase of students for this middle school? Express your answer to the nearest tenth. (2018-19 Problem #198)

Why the BCB Blazers Team got high scores in real-world application:

  • Their real-world scenario is so applicable, judges realistically can imagine needing to do the math described in the video to solve the problem faced by the school.
  • They ground their real-world scenario in a timely and relevant real-life situation (hurricanes in the Virgin Islands causing students to relocate to a new school).

What else the judges liked:

  • Creative use of “news footage” at the beginning, plus filming in a real-life classroom and principal’s office.
  • Great acting by the students as political officials, reporters and teachers.
  • Clearly explained solution with helpful animations (2:25) and tables (2:43).
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CCSS (Common Core State Standard)