Original Handbook Problem: Paige cuts a square out of a circular pizza. The corner of the square lies on the circumference of the pizza. To the nearest whole number, what percent of the pizza is left when Paige removes the square? (2016-17 Problem #48)

Why the Mathletes/Patriots NSBE Jr. Chapter Team got high scores in communication:

  • They explain their solution clearly, including providing explanations of the math terminology and operations used.
  • They use clear graphics (1:58, 2:13, 2:21 and 2:30) that help viewers understand the problem, as well as their solution.
  • They spend a substantial amount of time on their solution, but in a way that is creative and doesn’t feel long or boring.

What else judges liked:

  • Simple but effective effects like the split screen (0:19) and flying pizza delivery guy (0:48).
  • Small creative details like the floating astronaut (0:20), sassy pizza guy (0:28) and filming at a real-life pizza place.
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Math topic