Competition and Textbook Errata

Please click a link below to download the PDF of the errata for a particular range of years.

Competition Errata

Textbook Errata

National Math Club Errata

The answer to problem #10 in the Piggy Bank Day Meeting problem set is misprinted in the hard copy of the 2008-2009 Club Resource Guide as 5:3. The answer should be 50:3.

Newsletter Errata

In the printed version of the 2012-2013 Fall/Winter Newsletter, the date on the timeline for "National Champion first appeared on Live! with Regis and Kelly [Kevin Chen]" should be May 2007 rather than Fall 2009.

A great deal of time and effort goes into creating all MATHCOUNTS resources, but things are occasionally missed or misprinted.

If you find an additional error, please email [email protected].