Animation Type: Stop Motion.

Original Handbook Problem: A boat can hold three people, one of whom needs to row to cross a river that is 20 yards wide. What is the minimum distance the boat must travel to transport 9 people from the left bank of the river to the right bank? (2014-15 Problem #226)

Why the disBEARing Situation Team got high scores in creativity:

  • They add a story about a bear chase to expand on the real-world scenario in the original problem (a boat holding people) and make it their own.
  • Imaginative use of beautiful animation, time-lapse and music/sound effects add to the story.
  • Student-written humor like the characters’ squeezing through the tree (0:22) and kicking the fisherman out of his boat (0:34), plus a surprise reveal at the end (2:07) add to the story.

What else the judges liked:

  • Use of both graphics and clear verbal explanations to show the solution to the problem, making it easy to understand and follow.
  • Effective use of time, even with a short video.
  • Real-world application that makes sense within the context of their story and doesn’t feel forced.
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CCSS (Common Core State Standard)
Math topic