Original Handbook Problem: R.J.’s pedometer indicates that he has walked 10,002 steps and equates that to traveling 4.11 miles. Based on this, how many additional steps must he walk to travel the equivalent of 5 miles total? Express your answer to the nearest whole number. (2018-19 Problem #206)

Why the Fantastic Four Team got high scores in mathematical content:

  • Their explanation of the problem is clear and straightforward (2:56).
  • They include mathematical terminology in their solution, used correctly.
  • Their solution is well-paced and easy to follow because they write out their work neatly as they talk through the steps.

What else the judges liked:

  • Student-written humor like the coach/child breaking clipboards (0:25), struggling on crutches (0:41) and post-game celebrating (4:51).
  • Small creative details like filming at a real-life doctor’s office and basketball game, plus use of slow-motion for the final shot.
MVC Content Area
CCSS (Common Core State Standard)