Thank you for joining us for MATHCOUNTS Week 2020, powered by AoPS!

MATHCOUNTS is a community united by a love of problem solving...even when we can't meet in person. Below, get links to archived chat transcripts, videos and photos from MATHCOUNTS Week.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Our Sponsors Made MATHCOUNTS Week Possible

All of our sponsors ensure MATHCOUNTS can continue to provide the programs, resources and experiences that make learning math fun, including MATHCOUNTS Week. We are incredibly grateful for your support.

In particular, we would like to thank the following sponsors whose contributions directly supported MATHCOUNTS Week:

  • Funding from Raytheon Technologies ensured MATHCOUNTS could celebrate our national qualifiers, funded a record 4 Alumni Scholarship winners this year and enabled the MATHCOUNTS staff to put in extra time to make MATHCOUNTS Week possible.
  • Funding from the U.S. Department of Defense STEM helped MATHCOUNTS to revamp the Math Video Challenge this year and provided MVC Finals prizes.
  • Texas Instruments Incorporated donated amazing TI-NSpire CX graphing calculators to ensure our math super stars were rewarded for their problem solving

Finally, a huge thank you to Art of Problem Solving! In addition to hosting multiple MATHCOUNTS Week events for us, AoPS has been working tirelessly to create a math competition platform, registration system and voting platform—without which MATHCOUNTS Week simply would not be possible.

May 11-15, 2020
Summary of Events

Every MATHCOUNTS Week online event was open to the general public so everyone could be part of the fun!

  • Monday at 3:14 pm ET: Math Video Challenge Video Showcase & Voting
  • Tuesday at 3:14 pm ET: Countdown Round Finals Mashup
  • Wednesday at 8:00 am ET: Open MATHCOUNTS State Competition
  • Wednesday at 3:14 pm ET: Initial Leaderboard Posted 
  • Thursday at 3:14 pm ET: State Competition Review Math Jam with Richard Rusczyk
  • Friday at 3:14 pm ET: Q&A with John Urschel
  • Friday at 3:14 pm PT / 6:14 pm ET: The World's Largest Countdown Round
Monday, May 11:
Math Video Challenge 

All Day: Spotlight on MVC Finalists

Spotlight of our finalist teams, including the behind-the-scenes work that went into their videos.

3:14 pm ET: Math Video Challenge Video Showcase & Voting

The general public voted to determine the winner of the MVC Mathletes' Choice Award! Voting took place at Pi Time.

Tuesday, May 12:
National Competition

All Day: Meet the Mathletes

Spotlight of the 92 outstanding Mathletes from 23 states who qualified for the 2020 National Competition. Watch the video of our national qualifiers or download the PDF of their individual pages.

3:14 pm ET: Countdown Round Finals Mashup

An interactive look back at some of our favorite questions from past final match-ups. We've designed the video so you can play along and see if you can solve these problems as fast as our national competitors.

Wednesday, May 13
Competition Series

All Day: Wear Your Favorite Math T-Shirt

Our community dusted off their pi T-shirts, dug up their team shirts from their MATHCOUNTS chapter competitions and posted pics with #StillCounting in honor of our awesome Mathletes across the country! Looking to buy a new math shirt? We got you covered!

8:00 am ET: Open MATHCOUNTS State Competition

An unofficial competition experience that used the official 2020 MATHCOUNTS State Competition. From 8:00am ET on Wednesday until 12:00pm ET on Thursday, anyone could take our just-for-fun, online version of the 2020 State Competition, hosted on the AoPS website. Players earned recognition on the leaderboard and enter drawings for TI calculators (not based on score)!

3:14 pm ET: Initial Leaderboard Posted

The initial leaderboard was posted at Pi Time! 

Thursday, May 14
Celebrating Winners

All Day: Announcements of Winners

We gave shout-outs to winners all day on social media and our website. We announced drawing winners from the Open MATHCOUNTS State Competition and the MVC Mathletes' Choice Award winner. Plus, we shared some reflections/words of wisdom from the 4 remarkable young women who won the 2020 MATHCOUNTS Alumni Scholarship: Trisha Boonpongmanee, Marie Brodsky, Lauren Chen and Sri Kopparthi.

3:14 pm ET: State Competition Review Math Jam with Richard Rusczyk and David Patrick

We think anyone who takes on challenging math problems is a winner. Richard Rusczyk and David Patrick from AoPS hosted a live chat to explain how to solve some of the toughest state competition problems.

Friday, May 15

12pm ET: Announcement of Math Video Challenge Winner

We announced the 2020 MVC First Place Video...and which student filmmakers won $1000 college scholarships. 

3:14 pm ET: Q&A with John Urschel 

The entire MATHCOUNTS community had an opportunity to hear from MATHCOUNTS Alumnus John Urschel, a mathematician and former NFL offensive lineman. Learn more about Urschel and see his answers to Mathlete questions!

3:14 pm PT: The World's Largest Countdown Round

At 3:14 pm PT/6:14pm ET, we came together to hold the biggest Countdown Round in MATHCOUNTS history on the AoPS website.

Ask Math Anything Livestream with Po-Shen Loh

MATHCOUNTS alumnus and mathematician Po-Shen Loh discussed problems from the 2020 MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competition on his daily Ask Math Anything livestream Wednesday May 6 through Friday May 8. 

Wednesday, May 6: Chapter Sprint Round problems 1–20
Thursday, May 7: Chapter Sprint Round problems 21–30
Friday, May 8: Chapter Target Round problems 1–8