Thanks to the hard work of our volunteer coordinators, 500 chapter competitions and 56 state competitions take place each year!

Many of our volunteer coordinators are Professional Engineers affiliated with the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)—one of our founding sponsors—and many NSPE state and chapter societies support local MATHCOUNTS programming. Visit the National Society of Professional Engineers to learn more about engineering.

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The list below will be updated regularly throughout the fall and winter as 2024 competition details become available.

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DD - Department of Defense, DC - District of Columbia, GU – Guam, PR - Puerto Rico, SS - State Department, VI - Virgin Islands
Name Sort descending State Chapter Date Type
AA Potter Chapter Competition IN AA Potter Chapter 02-10-2024 Chapter
Abilene Chapter Competition TX Abilene Chapter 02-10-2024 Chapter
Adams County Chapter Competition ND Adams County Chapter TBD Chapter
Akron Chapter Competition OH Akron District Chapter 02-03-2024 Chapter
Alabama State Competition AL AL State Competition 03-23-2024 State
Alaska State Competition AK AK State Competition 03-23-2024 State
Albany Chapter Competition GA Albany GA Chapter TBD Chapter
Albuquerque Chapter Competition NM Albuquerque Chapter 02-10-2024 Chapter
Alexandria Chapter Competition LA Alexandria Chapter 02-02-2024 Chapter
Alpha Chapter Competition ME Alpha Chapter 01-27-2024 Chapter
Ambraw Chapter Competition IL Ambraw Chapter 02-08-2024 Chapter
Anchorage Chapter Competition AK Anchorage Chapter 02-10-2024 Chapter
Ann Arbor Chapter MI Ann Arbor Chapter 02-05-2024 Chapter
Annapolis Chapter Competition MD Annapolis Chapter 02-24-2024 Chapter
Anthony Wayne Chapter Competition IN Anthony Wayne Chapter 02-10-2024 Chapter
Anthracite Chapter Competition PA Anthracite Chapter 02-03-2024 Chapter
Arizona State Competition AZ AZ State Competition 03-23-2024 State
Arkansas State Competition AR AR State Competition 03-09-2024 State
Arrowhead Chapter Competition MN Arrowhead Chapter 02-08-2024 Chapter
Asheville Chapter Competition NC Asheville NC Chapter 02-03-2024 Chapter
Ashland Chapter Competition KY Ashland Chapter 02-03-2024 Chapter
Augusta Chapter Competition GA Augusta Chapter 02-10-2024 Chapter
Baltimore - Chesapeake Chapter Competition MD Baltimore/Chesapeake Chapter 02-03-2024 Chapter
Baton Rouge Chapter Competition LA Baton Rouge Chapter 02-02-2024 Chapter
Bay Area Chapter Competition TX Bay Area TX Chapter 02-17-2024 Chapter
Bayou Chapter Competition LA Bayou Chapter TBD Chapter
Beaver Chapter Competition PA Beaver Chapter 02-10-2024 Chapter
Benson County Chapter Competition ND Benson County Chapter 02-14-2024 Chapter
Bergen - Hudson Chapter Competition NJ Bergen/Hudson Chapter 02-17-2024 Chapter
Bexar Chapter Competition TX Bexar Chapter 02-17-2024 Chapter