2021 Raytheon Technologies MATHCOUNTS National Competition
An Online Experience

As more of our jobs, events and data continue to shift online, so must our innovation. To reflect our increasingly virtual world, the 2021 Raytheon Technologies MATHCOUNTS National Competition celebrated the fields of cybersecurity and computer science—and the crucially important role of mathematics in advancing them.

From encrypting information and deciphering codes to creating algorithms and computer programs, mathematics is the basis of the virtual world. When we help young thinkers fine-tune their math skills, we help inspire the problem-solvers of tomorrow.

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National Competitors

Click below for a listing of the 224 competitors and coaches who participated in the 2021 Raytheon Technologies MATHCOUNTS National Competition. Click here to see the 4 outstanding videos that were presented during the Math Video Challenge Finals.

Congratulations to the 224 national competitors and 16 Math Video Challenge finalists!

Watch the Event Recordings
Math Video Challenge Finals

May 9

The 2021 Math Video Challenge finalists presented their videos to the 224 Competition Series national competitors. Afterward, the national competitors voted to determine the winner.

AoPS Presentation

May 9

Richard Rusczyk, founder of Art of Problem Solving, discussed future opportunities for Mathletes.

Fun Countdown Round

May 10

Although there was no official Countdown Round in 2021, MATHCOUNTS hosted an unofficial Fun Countdown Round on May 10 for select national competitors. Participants were not selected based on Written Competition score, and the outcome didn't affect final rankings.

Closing Ceremonies

May 10

MATHCOUNTS closed the National Competition with an online awards ceremony to recognize Mathletes' accomplishments and announce top students.

Congrats to the Winners!
National Champion

Marvin Mao, NJ

2nd Place Individual

Bohan Yao, WA

1st Place Team

New Jersey

Evan Fan, Andrew Lin, Marvin Mao and Alexander Wang

Stephanie Cucinella, Coach

Math Video Challenge Winner

∫ du ∑ Math

Bradley Carpiuc, CA
Madelynn Carpiuc, CA
Zoe Kim, CA
Cole Seelman, CA

3rd-12th Place Individuals

3. Liam Reddy, UT
4. Alexander Wang, NJ
5. Andrew Carratu, NY
6. Allan Yuan, AL
7. Jiahe Liu, MA
8. Stephen Yang, GA
9. Yunyi Ling, MD
10. Kyle Zhang, CT
11. Lawson Wang, CA
12. Nate Maydanchik, IL

2nd-10th Place Teams

2. California
3. New York
4. Utah
5. Washington
6. Maryland
7. Michigan
8. Massachusetts
9. Texas
10. Virginia