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Statesort descending Type Chapter/State Name Name
VA Chapter Tidewater Chapter Anne Fernando
VA Chapter Blue Ridge Region Chapter Brandon Rudy
VI Chapter St. Croix Chapter Juanita Boneque
VI Chapter St. Thomas/St. John Chapter Avon Benjamin
VI State VI - State Chapter Ludence Romney
VT Chapter Southeast VT Chapter Ham Hodgman
VT Chapter Northwest VT Chapter Joe Kudrle
VT State VT - State Chapter Joe Kudrle
VT Chapter Northeast VT Chapter Daisy McCoy
VT State VT - State Chapter Katherine Norris
VT Chapter Southwest VT Chapter Rodney Ward
WA Chapter Olympia Chapter Jason Bruhn
WA Chapter Tri-Cities Chapter Doug Hendrickson
WA Chapter Wenatchee Chapter Janet Jaspers
WA Chapter Lake Washington Chapter Pamela Maloney
WA Chapter Palouse Empire Chapter Doug Hendrickson
WA Chapter Southwest WA Chapter Bert Peterson
WA State Washington State Chapter Doug Hendrickson
WA Chapter North Puget Sound Chapter Margaret Taboada
WA Chapter Spokane Chapter Beth Hodgson
WA Chapter Mt. Rainier Chapter Alan Werner
WA Chapter Spokane Chapter Amy Lancaster
WA Chapter Seattle Chapter Dan Cory
WI Chapter Greater Milwaukee Chapter Jon Schapekahm
WI Chapter Wisconsin Valley Chapter Archie Becher