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Coaches' Resource Videos

Coaches' Resource Video Series

MATHCOUNTS has created a series of videos to help coaches better take advantage of the resources we provide. These videos are perfect for coaches who may be unsure where to start with MATHCOUNTS, and those want to get the most out of our programs.

Introduction to the MATHCOUNTS School Handbook

This video provides an overview of the MATHCOUNTS School Handbook, and how coaches can best utilize this resource.

(youtube video)

A digital version of the current MATHCOUNTS School Handbook can be downloaded here. (

Introduction to the Club in a Box Resource Kit

Wondering how to get the most out of your MATHCOUNTS Club in a Box? Look no further!

(youtube video)

Not signed up yet? Click here to register for the MATHCOUNTS Club Program. (

MATHCOUNTS Club Program Silver and Gold Level Videos

Wondering how to take your club to the next level? Check out the videos below for information on becoming a Silver or Gold Level school in the MATHCOUNTS Club Program.

How to become a Silver Level School in the MATHCOUNTS Club Program
(youtube video)

How to become a Gold Level School in the MATHCOUNTS Club Program
(youtube video)

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