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Please allow 2 business days to process and activate your OPLET subscription.

Once your subscription is processed you will receive a notification email with a website login.

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In order to pay by purchase order or check please use our OPLET Offline Subscription Form

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Online orders for OPLET are processed through PayPal.


Non-Discounted Rate:


Discounts for MATHCOUNTS Competition Series Registration

If you are a MATHCOUNTS Coach and have one or more students (up to ten) registered for the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series, then you are eligible for a discounted subscription rate. In order to verify the discounted rate please provide the name of your school.

Please note: Parents purchasing OPLET for use with their own children must pay the full subscription price, even if their school is registered for the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.

Discounted Rates:
Registered School Name:
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