Stephen Wayne

State: Idaho

Alumni Years: 2005-2007

Participated In: MATHCOUNTS Competition Series

Current School: University of Idaho

Why He's Awesome: An engineering student at the University of Idaho, Stephen has already garnered success in his field as an intern at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories. He was named an Engineering Scholar and is also a member of the engineering honors society, Tau Beta Pi. His academic accolades extend beyond engineering; he is a member of the merit-based honor society Phi Eta Sigma and is on the Dean's List. Stephen also has been active on his swim team and has worked as a swimming instructor and lifeguard.


   I understand how much the opportunity to participate in MATHCOUNTS meant to me...I know that [in my professional career] I will emphasize programs such as this to help bright young students become excited about math (and STEM education in general) so that they might experience the same passion and academic drive that was awoken in me in seventh grade.