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  • Problem of the Week

According to “A History of Valentine’s Day Cards in America” by T.M. Wilson, in 1847 Esther Howland was the first to mass-produce Valentine’s Day cards.

  • Problem of the Week

Here is a table showing the number of tiles on which each letter appears in a standard English Scrabble game. Note that the blank tiles can be used as.

  • Problem of the Week

The Sprint Round of the MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competition has 30 questions and students are given 40 minutes to complete the round. Though it isn’t.

  • Problem of the Week

Cara was born on January 1, 2010, and her mother, Sydney, was born on January 1, 1982. In what year will Sydney’s age be twice Cara’s age?

If we let.

  • Problem of the Week

The third Monday of January is the holiday commemorating the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. The first time Martin Luther King Jr. Day was.

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