Original Handbook Problem: Vacations R-Us charges $130 a day plus a one-time, nonrefundable $50 cleaning fee to rent a house at the beach. How much will it cost the Sanchez family to rent the house for 7 days? (2011-12 Problem #91)

Why the Eagles Team got high scores in communication:

  • They provide ample time to understand the problem and real-world application so viewers can follow along.
  • Their problem is easy to solve, but they explain the steps clearly.
  • Their video is short, but time is still used effectively.

What else the judges liked:

  • Student-written humor like the silly costumes and acting of the mom (0:11), baby (0:17) and wizard (1:07) and use of teleportation to solve the issue of plane tickets (2:27).
  • Simple but effective effects like the appearance and disappearance of characters (1:07 and 2:33).
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CCSS (Common Core State Standard)