Animation Type: White Board.

Original Handbook Problem: The circle shown has a diameter of 12 inches, m<ABC = 30 degrees and AB = BC. What is the length of minor arc AC? Express your answer in terms of π. (2016-17 Problem #77)

Why the Story Arcs Team got high scores in creativity:

  • They create a real-world scenario from scratch for a geometry problem that does not include one originally.
  • Imaginative use of real-time, hand-drawn animation and fast-forwarding add to the story.
  • Interesting story flips the script on PacMath vs. the ghosts and includes student-written humor like the ghost’s lament (0:59) and bulk-up sequence (4:22).

What else the judges liked:

  • Significant time setting up the problem, which makes it easy to understand the conundrum faced by Blinky the ghost.
  • Math terminology defined as the solution is explained.
  • Real-world application that makes sense within the context of their story and doesn’t feel forced.
MVC Content Area
CCSS (Common Core State Standard)
Math topic