Miniature Golf

September 21, 2020

Gerald is going mini golfing at Golf-O-Rama with his family. For his family of 5 to play it costs $34. They were charged for three student tickets and two adult tickets. If a student ticket costs 3/4 as much as an adult ticket costs, how much does one student ticket cost?


This is a diagram of the first hole.

Gerald knows that when his ball hits the wall it will bounce off at the same angle at which it hit the wall. That means, if his ball hits the wall with an angle of 50 degrees relative to the wall, for example, it will bounce off with an angle of 50 degrees relative to the wall. Keeping this in mind, Gerald lines up his shot. The dotted line represents the path of his ball.

Gerald’s ball traveled 6 yards before it hit the wall and then traveled another 6 yards to the hole. Using a straight segment from his ball’s original position to the hole, how far was the ball’s original position from the hole? Express your answer in simplest radical form.


The next hole has a windmill as shown below. Gerald decides that he is never going to be able to time his shot right, so he decides to just randomly swing and hope that the ball makes it past the blades. If the end of each blade is 6 inches and the distance from the center of the fan to the end of a blade is 3 feet, what is the probability of Gerald’s shot making it past the windmill? Express your answer as a percent to the nearest tenth.