Animation Type: Computer Illustrated, Static Images.

Original Handbook Problem: The number of E. coli bacteria in a rich medium is increasing at a rate of 50% every 3 hours. How many hours does it take for 960 bacteria to increase to 4860 bacteria? (2013-14 Problem #206)

Why the PolyMa+hema+1c5 Team got high scores in real-world application:

  • They add a story about a president becoming ill to expand on the real-world scenario in the original problem (E. coli bacteria increasing in number) and make it their own.
  • The real-world application makes sense within the context of their story and doesn’t feel forced.

What else the judges liked:

  • Fun and colorful student-made animation.
  • Simply done, but straightforward and well-communicated solution.
  • Effective use of time, even with a short video.
  • Student-written humor like the dramatic music (0:20 and 1:05), thought bubble with a smartphone (0:37) and “I Survived” cape (2:55).
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