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OPLET Preview


There are three formats available for output:  worksheet, flashcard and Problem of the Day.  Follow the steps below to view a sample of OPLET's selection and extraction process for the worksheet format.


The screens below provide an overview of the process for creating a worksheet from OPLET's database of 12,500 MATHCOUNTS problems.  We will request 8 algebra problems, selected from the years 2000-2004, with a randomly sampled level of difficulty.  The selection tool also shows MATHCOUNTS usage, which in this case, will be set to "Standard problem without calculator usage (Sprint Round and Warm-Up)."

STEP 1:  Select Your Format

This screen features the "Worksheet" format and asks the user to add a title.  An additional step allows the user to add a space for the student's name at the top of the page.




STEP 2:  Select a Math Concept, MATHCOUNTS Usage, Difficulty Level and Date Range

In the second stage of OPLET's worksheet selection, users have the ability to choose from a number of math concepts including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, counting and probability, number theory and random sampling. 

Users may also select the desired MATHCOUNTS usage:

•  Standard problem without calculator usage (Sprint Round and Warm-Up)

•  Standard problem with calculator usage (Target Round, Workout, Stretch)

•  Team problem with calculator usage (Team Round)

•  Quick problem without calculator usage (Countdown Round)

•  Random Samplings

The difficulty level is based on a scale of 1 (Easy) to 5 (Difficult)  and users may also select a random sampling of difficulty levels.  Problems may be selected from blocks of five years, from 1990 to the present, or the computer can select problems randomly from all years entered.





STEP 3:  Review Your Selections

Continue to this screen to review the selected format and options, as well as make any edits to those selections.



STEP 4:  Select the Problems

In this final step, OPLET will ask the user if s/he would like the problems to be randomly selected, or if the user would like to select each problem.  OPLET also provides a combination of randomly selected and user selected problems. 




Click here to view your output!