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Interactive MATHCOUNTS Platform
Access past handbooks and competitions for free on the Interactive MATHCOUNTS Platform! With this reboot of popular MATHCOUNTS materials, powered by NextThought, students can discuss problems in real time, access helpful teaching video resources, receive help from coaches and collaborate with teammates and peers across the country. This online community continues to grow and MATHCOUNTS materials are updated each year. The 2020-2021 MATHCOUNTS School Handbook will be added in the fall!
Features Allow Users to:
  • Participate in forums with other members of the MATHCOUNTS online community;
  • Personalize their own page and post thoughts to share with others;
  • Bookmark pages, add notes, comments and questions and show work through digital whiteboards;
  • Access content from any computer with a modern web browser through the cloud-based platform;
  • Assess student or team performance using interactive problems;
  • Receive immediate feedback, including solutions, to help develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • View related videos correlated to MATHCOUNTS problems;
  • Find MATHCOUNTS content and user-generated annotations easily using advanced search and filter features;
  • Build personal learning networks through collaborative features;
  • Discuss problems in real time using the chat function...and more!