I See Future Me Sign-up


I See Future Me Sign-up

Calling All Inspiring STEM Professionals!

Thank you for your interest in being a speaker or volunteer for our I See Future Me (ISFMe) initiative! Please complete the webform below so we can put you in touch with a state or chapter coordinator planning a MATHCOUNTS competition in your area.

  • 56-60 state competitions take place throughout the month of February.

  • More than 500 chapter competitions take place throughout the month of March.

  • Please note: because some chapters and states are close to each other, we may put you in touch with a few different coordinators. For example, if you live in Northern Virginia, we may put you in touch with nearby coordinators in D.C. or Maryland, as well as in Virginia.

We're looking for STEM professionals who would like to be a speaker or volunteer at a local MATHCOUNTS competition. This could include making a speech, passing out awards to students, leading a math/engineering activity or helping with competition day activities like scoring and on-site team check-in.

If you've had an inspiring, interesting or even challenging STEM journey, we want our students to hear your story so they can meet great STEM role models who persevered, worked hard and followed their passions. All are welcome, and given that the key goal of ISFMe is for diverse students to identify with STEM speakers, members from groups currently underrepresented in STEM, such as women and people of color, are encouraged to participate.