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About Solve-A-Thon

A Creative Solution to Your Funding Conundrum

The MATHCOUNTS Solve-A-Thon is a unique fundraising opportunity for schools, in which 100% of the money earned is put toward mathematics education in the student’s school and local community. Solve-A-Thon connects community members who recognize the importance of math education with local teachers and students who need resources to support math clubs and programs at their schools.

Support for math education initiatives is essential and can have a far-reaching impact. Today’s math students will be tomorrow’s doctors and scientists, responsible for the next major advancements in medicine. They will be tomorrow's engineers who address damage from natural disasters and develop ways of avoiding such damage in the future. They will be tomorrow's creators of the next invention that changes the world. They will be tomorrow's math and science teachers who inspire future generations. Today’s math students are tomorrow’s problem solvers, and they are worthy of encouragement, recognition and support.

All donations made through Solve-A-Thon are tax-deductible. Learn more about the MATHCOUNTS Solve-A-Thon and sign-up here.


  • Step 1: Teachers and students sign up and CREATE online fundraising pages explaining why they value math and how more funding could improve the math program at their school.
  • Step 2: Students SHARE the links to their Fundraising Pages with friends, family and members of the local community to earn donations and pledges.
  • Step 3: Students SOLVE an online Solve-A-Thon Problem Pack with 20 multiple-choice math problems that cover topics from the Grades 6-8 Standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, earning money based on the number of problems they attempt.
  • Step 4: Students, teachers, schools and society WIN! Students gain a sense of accomplishment and support, and they earn great prizes for their efforts. Math programs and teachers receive critical funding. Schools can enhance the math opportunities they offer their students. Society gets better problem solvers.