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Club Name Sort descending City State Leader Name Level Club Type
Decatur Classical School (Brennan) Math Club Chicago IL Andrew Brennan Registered School
Deerlake Middle School (King) Math Club Tallahassee FL Terry King Registered School
Dekalb Christian Home Educators (Davis) Math Club Stone Mountain GA Jenelle Davis Registered School
Delsea Regional Middle School (Holding) Math Club Franklinville NJ Lauren Holding Registered School
Dent Middle School (Jezowski) Math Club Columbia SC Johanna Jezowski Registered School
Dentry Homeschool (Dentry) Math Club Morrison CO Jennifer Dentry Registered School
Denver Christian Academy (Matson) Math Club Denver NC Cynthia Matson Registered School
Derby Academy (Murphy) Math Club Hingham MA Susannah Murphy Registered School
Deridder Junior High School (Perez) Math Club DeRidder LA Corinne Perez Registered School
Desert Ridge Middle School (Moore ) Math Club Albuquerque NM Judy Moore Registered School
Dickerson Middle School (Flint) Math Club Marietta GA Tara Flint Registered School
DISCOVERY CHARTER (Wall) Math Club Bahama NC Taylor Wall Registered School
Disney II Magnet High School (Clancy) Math Club Chicago IL Patrick Clancy Registered School
Domus Notrae Homeschool (Huang) Math Club Newtown PA Chenwen Huang Registered School
Don Estridge High Tech Middle School (Messer) Math Club Boca Raton FL Patricia Messer Registered School
Drew Freeman Middle School (Brown-West) Math Club District Heights MD Diepriye Brown-West Registered School
Drexler Middle Intermediate School (Keegan ) Math Club Farley IA Peggy Keegan Registered School
Duncan Middle School (smith) Math Club Duncan OK stacy smith Registered School
Dunlap Valley Middle School (Carson) Math Club Dunlap IL Mike Carson Registered School
Duxbury Middle School (Kennedy) Math Club Duxbury MA Melanie Kennedy Registered School
DYS Homeschool Co-op (Davi) Math Club Reno NV Katie Davi Registered School
E H Greene Intermediate School (Coleman) Math Club Cincinnati OH Tracy Coleman Registered School
Eagle College Prep South Mountain (Batty) Math Club Phoenix AZ April Batty Registered School
Eagle Ridge Academy (MacLennan) Math Club Minnetonka MN Stephen MacLennan Registered School
Eagle View Middle School (Shapiro) Math Club Mechanicsburg PA Faith Shapiro Registered School
East Hanover Middle School (Kerouac) Math Club East Hanover NJ Donna Kerouac Registered School
East Hanover Middle School (Kerouac) Math Club East Hanover NJ Donna Kerouac Registered School
East Lake Academy (Losch) Math Club Lake Forest IL Jerrold Losch Registered School
East Middle School (Formosa) Math Club Plymouth MI Melanie Formosa Registered School
East Middle School (Mauro) Math Club Braintree MA Dagmar Mauro Registered School
East Saint John Elementary School (Perrilloux) Math Club Laplace LA Ambrea Perrilloux Registered School
East Tipp Middle School (Rice) Math Club Lafayette IN Thomas Rice Registered School
East Wake Middle (Jackson) Math Club Raleigh NC Rick Jackson Registered School
Eastside Preparatory School (McGuire) Math Club Kirkland WA Dawn McGuire Registered School
Eisenhower Middle School (Xue) Math Club Kansas City KS Rebecca Xue Registered School
El Dorado Springs R-II (Ring) Math Club El Dorado Springs MO Jennifer Ring Registered School
El Segundo Middle School (Bustrum) Math Club El Segundo CA Julie Bustrum Registered School
Ellendale High School (Land) Math Club Ellendale ND Rachel Land Registered School
Emmett Middle School (Hyde) Math Club Emmett ID Kim Hyde Registered School
Enfield Middle School (Johnson) Math Club Enfield NC Lorane Johnson Registered School
Engineering Mindz Learning And Enrichment Center (Smith) Math Club BOWIE MD Cassandra Smith Registered Non-school
Enka Intermediate School (Harbison) Math Club Candler NC Jamie Harbison Registered School
EnrichMIND Academy (Chandrana) Math Club Whitestown IN Chaitanya Chandrana Registered School
Epping Middle School (Jasper) Math Club Epping NH Kristen Jasper Registered School
Escondido Adventist Academy (Watson) Math Club Escondido CA Phyllis Watson Registered School
Eureka Springs Middle School (Ellis) Math Club Eureka Springs AR Maria Ellis Registered School
Evergreen Country Day School (Randa) Math Club Evergreen CO Genevieve Randa Registered School
Ewa Makai Middle School (Nakagawa) Math Club Ewa Beach HI Justine Nakagawa Registered School
Excel Christian School (Ryan) Math Club Sparks NV David Ryan Registered School
Eyer Middle School (Hummell) Math Club Macungie PA Julie Hummell Registered School