Registration for the MATHCOUNTS Competition Series is now closed.

Additional registrations may be approved on a case-by-case basis. Click here to submit a late registration request.

A student may register as a non-school competitor (NSC) only if their official school of record is not registering for the Competition Series and will not support student participation in the program through the school. Registration costs $80 per NSC plus an additional $15 late registration processing fee.

Who Can Be a Non-school Competitor (NSC)?

A student may compete as an NSC if:

  • Their official school of record is not registering for the 2022-2023 MATHCOUNTS Competition Series.
  • They are a student in grades 6-8.
  • There are no more than 12 NSCs registered from the school. If there are already 12 NSC registrations for your school, additional NSC registrations are not possible.

Note: Students attending home schools or virtual schools are not considered NCSs; home schools and virtual schools should register as schools in the online registration portal.

Before registering an NSC, please:

  • Confirm with school officials that your child's school will not be participating in the Competition Series. MATHCOUNTS may contact the school of a registered NSC to confirm eligibility. 
  • Review the Competition Rules & FAQ here to see complete NSC qualifications.
Learn More

Registered NSC parents get instant access to online practice resources (including the 2022-23 School Handbook with step-by-step solutions and this year's School Competition), plus a mailed NSC Competition Kit with a hard copy of the handbook.

Featured Resources
Outside Help

Looking for great resources to improve your student's math skills and prepare them for MATHCOUNTS competitions? Look no further! Check out the awesome resources featured on this page, or you can click here to explore our Resources Library.

Trainings and Webinars

Our Problem of the Week (POTW) is released for free every Monday and includes 2-4 problems related to a holiday, season, special event or cool STEM topic. The solution for each POTW is posted the following week so you can review it with your student.


Created by Art of Problem Solving's Richard Rusczyk, MATHCOUNTS Minis are deep-dives into common problem-solving concepts and include a 5-15 minute video, plus a handout with practice problems and solutions.

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Practice Plans are 45-minute structured lessons with a warm-up activity, a video that introduces a math concept, practice problems and an extension idea. They cover a variety of math topics and skills and are guaranteed to engage your student.


Available as an online game and a free iOS app, the MATHCOUNTS Trainer Game allows students to solve lots of past MATHCOUNTS problems in a fun, competitive setting with other students...complete with a real-time leaderboard!


One of the best ways to grow as a problem solver is simply to solve more problems. That's why we provide last year's school, chapter and state MATHCOUNTS competitions for free! We update these competitions throughout the year as the Competition Series takes place.