PLEASE NOTE: If you submitted an offline registration form it can take up to 14 days to process your registration. If your club is not listed 14 days after submitting your registration, please contact MATHCOUNTS at 703-299-9006.

A club's listing on the list below confirms that you have official registration for The National Math Club for the 2017-2018 program year.

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State City Club Name Leader
OR Medford Logos Public Charter School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Susanna Yoshida
NE York York Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Jeff McKinney
NC Apex Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Sadie Lang
TX Houston T.H. Rogers School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Mahesh Menon
ID Eagle Galileo Stem Academy [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Stacie Knight
ME Damariscotta Great Salt Bay School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Alison Macmillan
IL Johnsburg Johnsburg Junior High School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Jacob Kelzer
MA Carlisle Carlisle Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Liz Perry
WA Connell Robert Olds Junior High [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Kayla Stoker
MA East Sandwich Sandwich Stem Academy [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Kate Carl
TX Carrollton Dewitt Perry Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Melynda McMillin
CT Fairfield Fairfield Woods Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Michelle Formato
MN Hutchinson Hutchinson Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Kelly Rathcke
MN Blaine Calvin Christian School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Joy Myren
CO Mancos Mancos Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Alana Stewart
ME Hampden Reeds Brook Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Rachel Larrabee
DC Washington Georgetown Day School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Susie Loutoo
LA Abbeville Jh Williams Middle [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Marlie Hebert
NH Nashua The Academy For Science And Design [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Sarah Frischknecht
DE Hockessin H.B. Dupont Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Scott Cook
ID Boise Les Bois Junior High [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Alaina Gavica
IA Panora Panorama Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Carla Church
NH Concord St. John Regional School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Tara Henley
MN Eden Prarie International School Of Minnesota [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Zach Sheffert
MO California Mathwiz [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Sandy Crawford
WA Mercer Island Islander Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Lalith Vadlamannati
MA Lexington Jonas Clarke Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Josh Frost
MT Clancy Clancy School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Corey Grutsch
MD Laurel Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School (Harding) [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Melanie Harding
MD Waldorf Stephen Decatur [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Candace Roper
VA Woodbridge Fred M Lynn Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Rebecca Abbott
CA Poway North County Math Circle (Christian Family Schools of Poway) [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Lucinda Hsu
MI Escanaba Escanaba Junior High School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Tina Marenger
ID Rathdrum Lakeland Junior High School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Esther Mclean
IL Highland Highland Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Dena Geiger
FL Miami Lakes Miami Lakes K-8 Center [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Saimara Costero
FL St. Augustine Florida School For The Deaf And The Blind (O'Neill) [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Donna O'Neill
PA Glen Rock Southern Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Joel Oswald
FL Odessa Farnell Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Jonah Hartman
PA Sewickley Eden Christian Academy [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Dawn Butterworth
UT Highland Highland Elementary [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Amy Brinton
OH Fairview Park Lewis F. Mayer Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Matthew Ziemnik
CA Brea Brea Junior High School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Scott Johnson
PA Malvern Saint Patrick School (Kiss) [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Michele Kiss
CA Lompoc Lompoc Valley Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Lauren Kutler
IN Elkhart Trinity Lutheran School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Dawn Flatt
NE Bellevue St. Matthew The Evangelist School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Mary Jo Holdcroft
TN Thompson Station Heritage Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Margaret Kirk
MO Sikeston Sikeston Junior High School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Mark Savage
UT West Point Davis Mathcounts [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Sarah Evans