PLEASE NOTE: If you submitted an offline registration form it can take up to 14 days to process your registration. If your club is not listed 14 days after submitting your registration, please contact MATHCOUNTS at 703-299-9006.

A club's listing on the list below confirms that you have official registration for The National Math Club for the 2017-2018 program year.

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State City Club Name Leader
MD Elkridge Saint Augustine School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Joseph Miller
VA Falls Church Longfellow Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Patricia Freeman
AR Wilson Rivercrest Elementary School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Aleastrice McGuire
NJ Bayonne Bayonne High School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Margaret Peretti
CA San Jose Holy Family School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Louella Dlima
NJ Clifton Classical Academy Charter School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Teresa Sproule
NJ Newark Dr. E. Alma Flagg School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Joyce Mccree
FL Boca Raton Don Estridge High Tech Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Patricia Hammond
MI Bloomfield Hills Bloomfield Hills Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Jason Rice
IL Rochester Rochester Junior High School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Pete Gegen
AL Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Academy [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Rene McNeal
CT Fairfield Fairfield Country Day School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Kristina Barnaby
FL Tallahassee Raa Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Mary Wheeler
IN Valparaiso Vine and Branches Porter County Homeschool Group [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Erin Gross
MD Arnold Magothy River Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Stephanie Phillips
NC Durham Rogers-Herr Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Christine Blystad
GA Trenton Dade Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Anna Thomas
CA Rio Dell Monument Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Charity Walker
IL Chicago Keller Regional Gifted Center [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Latonda Tates
NY Indian Lake Indian Lake Central [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Amanda Flemington
CA San Francisco Burlingame Intermediate School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Amanda Shaffner
VT Springfield Riverside Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Joanne Kraft
CA Buellton Jonata Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Lana Gundrey
FL Miami Dr. Henry W. Mack/ West Little River K-8 Center [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Aline Maurice
CA Los Angeles Paul Revere Charter Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Wen Li
MN Hallock Kittson Central School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Kittson Central School
NC Winterville A.G. Cox Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Kathleen Brewer
FL Doral Just Arts And Management Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Linette Prats
FL Davie Championship Academy Of Distinction-Davie Campus [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Marie Saint Hilaire
PA Exton Collegium Charter School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Sarah Whitmore
PA Reading Northwest Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Kathleen Manzella
VA Bristol Sullins Academy [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Sarah Hampton
NE Elwood Bertrand Community Schools [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Amy Schutz
FL Bradenton Louise R. Johnson Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Laura Du Long
MO Jefferson City Lewis and Clark Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Kumar Alagappan
OH Columbus St. Anthony School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Tim Schnurr
AR El Dorado West Side Christian School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Cindy Miller
TX Houston Trinity Classical School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Julia Hsieh
FL Tampa New Springs Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Tatiana Smith
FL Sanford Ivy Hawn Charter School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Kim Hymes
CA Irvine Russian School Of Math Irvine [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Alla Korinevskaya
CA Culver City Mastery Quest [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Laurel Busby
FL Lakeland Resurrection Catholic School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Lisha Fletcher
OR Portland Cedar Park Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Sandra Miller
WA Richland Christ The King School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Reid Peterson
NC Morganton Walter Johnson Middle School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Katie Gordon
WV Beckley Girl Scouts Troop 32547 [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Bettie Worley
NY Jackson Heights I.S. 230 School For Civics In The Community [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Stephanie Nichols
TN Bolivar Bolivar Middle School (Russell) [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Penny Russell
OH Pataskala Etna Elementary School [field_club_name_club] [field_organization_club] [field_chapter_name_club] Jen Pietzcker