Math Club Day

Math Club Day

MATHCOUNTS is a community united by a love of problem solving...even when we can't meet in person.

Math Club Day: July 8, 2020 

Every Math Club Day online activity is open to anyone...please be part of the fun! We'll be posting updates to this page and social media over the next 2 weeks. Sign up to receive updates as more info becomes available!

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Join Us July 8

All Day: Exploration 

9:00 am, 1:00 pm & 5:00 pm ET: Drawing Winners

We'll announce Silver winners, then Gold winners and finally the Grand Prize winner on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Spotlight on Gold Level Projects

Throughout the day we'll showcase Gold Level projects that bring community service, creativity and real-world application to mathematics. Follow MATHCOUNTS on Facebook or Instagram to explore the projects.

Social Media Scavenger Hunt

Join us anytime July 8 for a math scavenger hunt. Use #MathClubDay2020 to post everyday examples you find of the following math terms: acute anglehexagonpatternreflection and volume. 

Tweet @MATHCOUNTS to be part of the fun!

Morning: Problem Set 

11:00 am ET: Special Math Club Day Problem Set Released

Flex your problem solving muscles by solving a special math club themed problem set with 20 math problems in honor of Math Club Day 2020. Download the problem set here at 11:00am on July 8 or follow MATHCOUNTS on Facebook to see when the problems are posted!

See how you did on the problem set with our step-by-step solutions!

Afternoon: Game 

3:14 pm ET: Play Math BINGO!

Join us at Pi Time for the YouTube Premiere of Math BINGO. (It's just like regular BINGO, but better because you also get to solve fun math problems!) Play just for fun or register ahead of time to pre-select a BINGO card...if your card ends up having the winning combination of numbers, you'll be entered in a prize drawing for a TI-nspire CX II Handheld graphing calculator (10 winners selected)!

Get Your Card Ready!

  • Official BINGO Players: If you signed up by noon on July 8 for an official card, we already have emailed an interactive card and printable PDF of the BINGO card you selected!
  • Use One of Our Cards Unofficially: Anyone can use our cards just-for-fun. Each is pre-loaded with a mix of integers between 1 and 60: choose from Card ACard BCard CCard DCard ECard FCard GCard HCard I or Card J.
  • Make Your Own Card Unofficially: To make your own just-for-fun card, download our blank BINGO card and fill in the squares with any 24 integers between 1 and 60, one integer per square. Mix up the order on the card and do not use any integer more than once on the card. Remember, the center square is a free space!

How It Works:

Math BINGO is a lot like regular BINGO, but instead of calling numbers, we'll be giving you math problems to solve! Every math problem in our BINGO game has an answer that is an integer between 1 and 60. Once you've solved the problem, cross off the corresponding answer on your card, if you have that number. Cross off 5 boxes in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) to win! After you've played, see how you did on Math BINGO with our answer key!

Thank You!

Thank you graphicOur Sponsors Made Math Club Day Possible

All of our sponsors ensure MATHCOUNTS can continue to provide the programs, resources and experiences that make learning math fun, including Math Club Day. We are incredibly grateful for their support.
We would also like to thank the following sponsors whose contributions directly supported Math Club Day:
  • First, a huge thank you to the Northrop Grumman Foundation, lead sponsor of the National Math Club! Their funding helps ensure we can provide this program completely for free to more than 80,000 students across the country.
  • Funding from Raytheon Technologies ensured MATHCOUNTS could celebrate our Grand Prize Gold Level drawing winner, even though we couldn't celebrate in person at the National Competition, and enabled the MATHCOUNTS staff to put in extra time to make Math Club Day possible.
  • Texas Instruments Incorporated donated amazing TI-NSpire CX graphing calculators to ensure we could reward our Math BINGO super stars.