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Why Do People Love MATHCOUNTS?

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Our top-notch programs and resources build truly outstanding problem-solving skills and make math feel like a social activity.

MATHCOUNTS isn't just about's about what students get out of working through interesting, challenging problems and discussing solutions with their teammates. We provide top-rated math practice materials for free or as part of a school's Competition Series registration so that coaches can focus on making math fun and exciting for their students.

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The Handbook: 250 creative math problems + step-by-step solutions

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We create the handbook every year with fresh practice problems, written by a committee of math education experts. It is the definitive practice resource, and every registered school receives one.

You don't need to know how to solve every problem to be a MATHCOUNTS coach. Discussing solutions together is part of the fun and develops great problem solvers! We provide a written step-by-step explanation of how to solve every problem in the handbook to support that discussion and save coaches time.

What Teachers Say


In a 2017 independent study, 97% of coaches said after MATHCOUNTS, their students could successfully tackle and answer math problems they had never seen before.

"Students who participate in MATHCOUNTS almost always have a better understanding of what we cover in the regular math class. Working with challenging problems through MATHCOUNTS helps them apply reasoning skills more adeptly to any problem encountered."
-Coach (anonymous survey)

Fun Math Experiences

MATHCOUNTS is fun! Seriously. Our competitions feel a lot like sporting events with thrilling match-ups and giveaways and bustling excitement. A lot of our club activities do not even feel like math...many kids think they're just playing games. Discussing cool problems or making a math video together just feels like you're hanging out with your friends...

Even struggling is fun if it feels like an interesting puzzle that makes you think! We change minds about math by making it genuinely fun.

"Being a part of this team for the next couple of years made my interest and ability in math skyrocket...I will never forget the excitement I felt waking up early in the morning every week to go to the MATHCOUNTS club for another fun and challenging meeting."
-Ram, alumnus from OR



September - February
(typically 2-4 times per month) 

a team working

A coach is often a math teacher, and we provide ready-made materials to make coaching a light-lift. These practices are a big part of what sets us apart. Students work together on problem sets and math explorations and discuss how they approached the problem. However many students are interested may participate in team meetings, and we'll mail you a kit of materials and give you online access to resources.

A student may register as a non-school competitor (NSC) if their official school of record is not registering for the Competition Series and will not support student participation in the program through the school. MATHCOUNTS reserves the right to cancel an NSC’s registration, without refund, if their school registers for the Competition Series. There is a limit of 12 NSCs per school. NSC registration will open in November 2023. Click here to sign up for updates about NSC registration.


November - February
(but typically December or January) 


However many students are interested may take the School Competition. Coaches can decide how to host this event. Many use the test material provided by MATHCOUNTS to determine which students from their school will compete at the chapter level, but if a coach already knows which kids will attend, it's also a great practice resource.


(typically a 4-hour event during a weekend)

medal logo

In February, students from every registered school get to compete at one of 500 in-person chapter competitions across the country. From there, students can advance to the state level (March), and then national level (May), based on their scores. Your school's registration cost is based on the number of competitors you want to send to your local Chapter Competition (up to 12).


Year-round, especially January-May
(meet as often as you'd like!)

puzzle pieces

No matter how your school does at the Chapter Competition, your school's MATHCOUNTS program can last the entire year! Your students could work on a group club project to earn extra recognition through the National Math Club. Our 2 programs work well together or separately...make it your own!

It was what introduced me to the world of competition math and problem-solving, connected me to some of my closest friends, and eventually led me to do math research.
Rupert, alumnus from OR
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What Happens After Registration?
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As soon as you register

We will email the coach instructions for how to access the online Coach Dashboard for info about the chapter competition and math materials so they can get started right away with team practices.

gift box
Within 2 weeks

The coach will receive a mailed School Competition Kit with a copy of the MATHCOUNTS School Handbook, certificates and ribbons, pencils and a math poster.

chat box
Each month

We'll email every month to highlight resources and provide ideas for recruiting and supporting students. New coaches will hear from us every week. Coaches host team practices at the time/frequency that works best for them.

web portal
In mid-December

We'll partner with Art of Problem Solving to host an online practice competition for registered schools. This is optional (but recommended!), and we'll reach out by early December with more details.

By early January

The coordinator for your chapter will reach out to you with details about your in-person Chapter Competition. Chapter and state coordinators are the incredible volunteers—often engineers affiliated with NSPE—who run MATHCOUNTS events in their communities.

4 competitors with medals
In February

Your students (1-12, depending on how many you registered) will participate in the Chapter Competition. From here, they can advance to the State Competition in March or even the 2024 RTX MATHCOUNTS National Competition in May!

Let's Get Started!

Register Starting August 15!

We recommend registering as soon as possible so you can access all the incredible practice materials available to you and so your students have as much practice time as possible. 






Get $60 off your school's max registration!
(limited time offer)

Pay just $30 per chapter competitor when you register by November 1. Register the max (12 competitors) and save $60!

Schools in underserved communities get an additional 50% discount. If your school is a public or charter school that receives School-wide Title I funding or has at least 40% of the students qualifying for free or reduced lunch, the cost is $15 per competitor ($180 max) if you register by November 1.

Students at MATHCOUNTS Competition

Still have questions? We're here to help!

Learn more about the Competition Series at the Rules & FAQ page or email Allie and Amanda from the MATHCOUNTS outreach team. We're eager for your students to participate in our programs, and are happy to answer any questions you may have!

If you want to learn about how non-school competitors (NSCs) can participate, please click here.