Benjamin Jiang is the 2024 National Champion!

Ben, a 14-year-old eighth grader from Osprey, Florida, solved his way to victory over 223 competitors, including the 2023 National Champion.

Ben and his coach onstage
Meet the Top-Performing Mathletes of 2024

Countdown Round Runner-Up

Selena Ge (MA)

$7,500 Scholarship


Countdown Round Semifinalists

Benjamin Song (NY)
Laura Wang (WA)

$3,000 scholarships each


Written Competition Champion

Channing Yang (TX)

$2,500 Scholarship


Countdown Round Quarterfinalists

  • Shunyao Yan (VA)
  • Channing Yang (TX)
  • Vincent Wang (TX)
  • Alex Zhan (CA)


Countdown Round Participants

  • Eric Ding (MN)
  • Rohan Mallick (CA)
  • Alex Liu (VA)
  • Advait Joshi (NJ)


Written Competition Runner-Up

Selena Ge (MA)


Winning Team: Texas

Congratulations to Nathan Liu, Drake Tan, Vincent Wang, Channing Yang and coach Hui Quan for earning the highest score in the Written Competition! Each student earned a $2,000 scholarship.

Texas team onstage with their trophies
High-Achieving Teams


Second Place


  • Selena Ge
  • Rajarshi Mandal
  • Brandon Ni
  • Danyang Xu
  • Coach: Josh Frost



Third Place


  • Rohan Mallick
  • Yichen Wu
  • Ali Zaman
  • Alex Zhan
  • Coach: Vandana Kadam


Most Improved


  • Eric Ding
  • Andreas Walexon
  • Sam Wu
  • Jefferson Zhou
  • Coach: Jack Failor
Spirit Award: Department of Defense Team

Shoutout to Narmin Guliyeva, Cooper McCann, Ada McCaskey, Lucas Sze and coach Senem Kadioglu for showing their spirit during the event!

DoD team cheers with the spirit stick at party
Watch the Countdown Round Again!

The Countdown Round took place at the Westin Washington, DC Downtown at 10am ET on Monday, May 13. The top 12 scorers from the Written Competition raced against the clock and each other to determine the 2024 RTX MATHCOUNTS National Champion.

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