Tent Geometry

Veronica bought a tent for her camping trip this weekend. The shape of the tent is a right triangular prism lying on its side, as shown. (The front and back sides of the tent, which are the prism's bases, are isosceles triangles.) If the height of the tent is 6 feet at the tallest point, the front base of the tent is 5 feet across and the tent is 7 feet long, what is the volume of Veronica's new tent, in cubic feet?

Yard Work

Stephen spent this past weekend helping his mother get some yard work done. His first project was to build a rectangular planter with the exterior dimensions of 6 inches by 12 inches by 18 inches. He originally planned to use wood that was 1 inch thick. However, he mistakenly bought wood that was 2 inches thick.

Spring Growth

A 6-inch tall flower casts a 4-inch shadow at 5:00pm. One month later, when the sun was at the same position in the sky as it was at 5:00pm one month earlier, the shadow cast was 5 1/3 inches long.