In the Shade

A tree shades part of a rectangular table, as shown, so that two seats are in the sun and two are in the shade. Will, Xavier, Yvette and Zoe are in search of a place to sit and enjoy their lunches. If Yvette insists on sitting in the shade, and Zoe refuses to sit next to Will, how many different arrangements are there for Will, Xavier, Yvette and Zoe to be seated at this table?

Archer's Three Sons

Archer has three sons named Tanner, Carver and Decker. Archer’s age is three times the sum of Carver’s and Decker’s ages. The sum of Tanner’s and Carver’s ages is half Archer’s age. If Tanner’s age is three times Carver’s age, what is the ratio of the ages of Carver and Decker? Express your answer as a common fraction.

Family Vacation

The summer has unofficially begun for many families around the country, so here are a few problems related to Miranda’s family vacation.

When packing for the trip Miranda didn’t want to bring a lot of extra clothes, so she packed 4 shirts, 2 pairs of shorts and 1 skirt (all of which coordinate). If an outfit consists of a shirt and a pair of shorts or a skirt, how many distinct outfits did Miranda pack?