2017 Chapter Competition

All this year’s chapter competitions have officially concluded and let’s take a look at a few of our favorites from the 2017 Chapter Competition sprint round.

How many triangles of any size are in the Belgian truss shown?

[Sprint #12]        

Preparing for State

State competitions officially start this week! Are you ready to compete? Let’s warm up with a few problems from the 2016 State Competition.

The digits of a 3-digit integer are reversed to form a new integer of greater value. The product of this new integer and the original integer is 91,567. What is the new integer?

[Sprint #19]       

Bowling Partners


The Ten Pins bowling club consists of three married couples, Ricky and Lucy, Archie and Edith, and Mike and Carol. To practice for an upcoming tournament each club member will bowl three games against each of the other club members. What is the total number of games the club members will bowl practicing for the tournament?