Holiday Giving

A local charity is wrapping holiday gifts for local needy families. When 8 volunteers work together, they can get all of the gifts wrapped and distributed in 6 hours. How many hours would it have taken if there had been 12 volunteers, each working at the same rate?


Abby, Brenda, Celia, Denise and Elizabeth are going to their town’s annual hayride. Tickets cost $8.00 for people 12 years old and older but only $5.00 for people 11 years old and younger. The total price for their five tickets is $31.00. How many people in the group are 12 years old or older?

Halloween Time!

Grady, Sophia and Ella Zappone were going trick-or-treating together down a long road with houses only on the right side of the street.  The addresses of the first three houses were 296 Boo Blvd, 300 Boo Blvd and 304 Boo Blvd, and the house numbers continued to increase by 4 down the entire road.  The kids decided to take turns knocking on the doors of the houses, so that Grady knocked at house 296, Sophia knocked at house 300, Ella knocked at house 304, and then Grady started the sequence over at house 308.  Grady will knock on the doors of a lot of houses.  When Grady gets to the first ho

Field Trips

The ratio of girls to boys in Mrs. Franks’ 7th grade class is ¾ (excluding Mrs. Franks). On Monday, 4 girls and 6 boys got to go on a special field trip for honor roll students. Since no other students were absent on Monday, the ratio of girls remaining in the class to boys remaining in the class was 4/5. How many students are in Mrs. Franks’ class when everyone is present?

Independence Day 2019

Thursday is the 4th of July... here are a few problems relating to Independence Day!! While walking around at their town’s Independence Day Festival, Latrease and Hannah decide to buy lunch. Latrease bought two hot dogs and a soda for a total of $7.50. Hannah bought a hot dog, a soda, and a bag of chips for $5.50. If a bag of chips costs $1.00, how much does one hot dog cost?

Memorial Day

The distinct letters from the word MEMORIAL are used to create set Z, such that Z = {M, E, O, R, I, A, L}. The letters from the word DAY are used to create set Y, such that Y = {D, A, Y}. If set X is the intersection of sets Z and Y, what are the letters in set X?

The intersection of two sets includes all the elements (or members) that are in both sets. So set X = {A}.

Final Countdown

On Sunday, May 12th, 224 middle-school math students participated in the written rounds of the 2019 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition. On Monday, May 13th, the top 12 competitors will go head to head in the National Countdown Round to determine the 2019 MATHCOUNTS National Champion. Let’s solve a few problems from the 2018 National Countdown Round.

2018 National Countdown #21

In square units, what is the area of the triangle with vertices P(−2, 1), Q(3, 8) and R(9, 3)? Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest tenth.

It's Moving Day

Jessie and Marcus are moving from their apartment to a new condominium. Marcus is responsible for moving all his belongings and the living room furniture, while Jessie is responsible for moving all the kitchen items, including the dining table and chairs, and his personal belongings.