'Tis the Season!

Ariel and Thomas are playing the Dreidel game. In their version of the game, players take turns spinning the dreidel and take various actions based on which symbol is face up when the dreidel stops spinning.


Mrs. Hillstead has planned a dinner for 15 people this Thanksgiving. She bought 22.5 lbs of turkey, plus potatoes, cranberry salad, rolls and all of the traditional holiday food. Unfortunately, her daughter forgot to tell her that she was bringing three of her friends. If Mrs.

Halloween Fun

Bridgette wants to be a princess for Halloween. When she gets to the costume store, she realizes there are many options. There are five different princess crowns, eight different princess dresses, and three different pairs of princess shoes.

The Mysteries of 11

As November (the 11th month) gets underway, it’s the perfect time to focus on 11. Eleven is the fourth prime number, and there is a fun divisibility rule for 11. For any integer, insert alternating “–” and “+” signs between the consecutive pairs of digits, starting with a “–” sign between the left-most pair of digits. For example, for the number 91,828 we would have 9 – 1 + 8 – 2 + 8.